Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Here are some kitten statistics and characteristics that might be helpful in naming them. (See post below this one for explanation.) I won't be the one who chooses names from the ones you suggest. Since my spouse has named almost all the animals who have ever come through our door, I will ask him to choose the winning names. I promise to not influence him in any way and I will accept whatever he chooses. I'm not going to be able to offer any prizes, as I would have liked to do, but I'd love for you to join in finding names for these sweet babies anyway. I'll have Spouse choose names from your suggestions. Thank you!
White kitten with orange tail – male, smallest but most feisty kitten, often jumps on brothers and sister and fights for his place at the table, has the loudest mew
Light tan and white kitten – only female and the largest kitten, she’s soft and fluffy but just as tough as her brothers, often attacks them when they least expect it
Light tan kitten – male, second largest, most friendly at this point, cries to be held and will probably be a good lap cat, puts his paws on my chin when I hold him (I love that)
Orange face yellow and white kitten – male, sometimes stands back and watches before joining in the mayhem, a little hesitant at times, quieter and has softer mew, but is a ball of fire once he gets going, loves to climb
Orange/yellow and white kitten – male, very laid back but loves to play, is often the first to try something new, likes the jingle balls and loves biting siblings tails, seems to be a bit of a loner at times but maybe just likes to do his own thing

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