Wednesday, August 19, 2009


We made Edie's Fresh Salsa tonight (see recipe in another post below). Spouse chopped tomatoes while I diced onions and green peppers. Not only did it smell great, it looked and tasted good too. We chopped the veggies coarsely because we like chunky salsa. I added some spices and just a dab of SaltSense. The result wasn't very juicy so I stirred in a small amount of Ortega brand medium taco sauce. Then I added about one cup of the mixture to some lean cooked ground beef to which I'd already added pinto beans after rinsing and draining them. I cooked all that for about five minutes, then poured it over some chopped lettuce and grated sharp cheddar cheese. It made a yummy taco salad and we have enough to make burritos or enchiladas another night.

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