Thursday, September 24, 2009


After caring for my friend's cats this morning, I took kitten adoption posters to places I hadn't previously displayed them. I'd been a little discouraged because I hadn't been receiving calls about the furry ones. Personally, I think they're the cutest things I've seen in a long time so I'd been puzzled that no one was calling and wanting to adopt them.
On a whim, I stopped at my vet's office to replace the poster I'd left there over a week ago. I'd revised it a bit and added some information. To my dismay, the former poster was no where to be found. My vet had assured me she and her staff would help me place the kittens and the vet herself said she thought the babies would be adopted quickly. The staff member to whom I spoke today seemed as puzzled as I was. I said, "No wonder I'm not getting calls". She apologized and said maybe the poster had fallen from the bulletin board and someone threw it away. I'd only recently asked them to display it and I'm now wondering if it was put on the board at all.
After that experience, I went to two other places where I'd left posters. I probably shouldn't have been surprised when I didn't see the kitten poster on either bulletin board. That surely did explain a few things. I don't know where the posters went, but I replaced them and then stopped at two pet supply stores and asked if I might display posters there. Each store manager was gracious and allowed me to display one.
Perhaps I was too trusting. I thought once I'd displayed the posters, they'd stay in place until I took them down myself. I was sadly mistaken. I guess I'll have to check the posters every day until the kittens are adopted, as if I need more to do.
I've been lamenting the fact I lost a whole week of advertising the kittens for adoption, but another way to look at it is that I gained a week of loving them.


KSedlak said...

That's right, Kady...another whole week to enjoy your babies. I too am glad they are still around. I love watching them grow and play.
Thanks so much for always sharing.

Anonymous said...

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