Thursday, September 24, 2009


Wednesday was Farmers Market day in my town and I just had to buy another jar of home-canned pickled beets. I bought one jar last week and nearly made myself sick eating them. They were so good. Other than one tiny taste my spouse had, I ate them all. I'm certainly not a pickled beet expert, but I know what I like. To meet my requirements, the pickled beets should taste sweet but not sickening sweet - tart, but not pucker-producing - and they must taste good cold. I prefer cold pickled beets with no spices.
My dear mother-in-law used to prepare the very best pickled beets. When she learned how much I loved them, she began to give me a jar every Christmas and birthday. They were all mine and I didn't have to share since my spouse was not that fond of beets. His mom always gave him a nice box of Esther Price dark chocolates for Christmas and she gave me a jar of home canned beets. I always thought I was the one who had received the better gift.
No one could make pickled beets like my mother-in-law, but the Amish woman at the Farmers Market surely came close. Today I told her about my mother-in-law and how good her beets were. I also suggested to the woman her beets were a very close second to Mom's. She smiled, thanked me, and assured that she'd canned the beets herself.
I'll try to pace myself this week and ration my beets. I have a whole week to wait for the next Farmers Market.

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Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Oh Kady you make me laugh...I grew up on beets..but haven't eaten them in years..but homemade...I could be like you and eat them all...glad to hear the kittys are enjoying some upstairs time and playing with the big kittys..:)