Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I made a discovery this morning while I was holding little Ellie Mae. When I hold the kittens, I often gently put them on their backs and talk to them. I want them to be comfortable in any position and I like to look into their faces. Ellie Mae was acting as if she was a bit frightened after hearing a couple of the resident cats hissing at each other, so she was the first kitten I held. I noticed something different about "her". She is not who I thought she was. She is a HE! I've taken care of kittens for years and never had a problem telling which sex they were, that is, until Ellie came along. Even the vet had a difficult time deciding when she first examined her, so I guess I shouldn't feel too bad about that.
The kitten looks so fuzzy and cute, just like a little girl should look, but she's been hiding a secret. Today, "she" looks every bit like her brothers in the nether regions. I don't think I'm mistaken. Ellie is actually ELLIOT. He might have simply been a late bloomer. I'd feel kind of silly taking him back to the vet for a definitive answer. I should be able to tell, and I'm sure I now can. I don't know why we were fooled, but that happens sometimes. I think any prospective "parents" should know if they're adopting a boy or a girl. Wow - five boys!

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