Tuesday, September 15, 2009


The furry ones were full of mischief this morning. I went into their room and found shredded paper towels all over the floor and a very wet towel under their food dish, where they'd spilled water all over it. The dish was empty so I don't know how long they'd been without water.
Kelly must have climbed up on one of the counters and knocked the roll of paper towels into the floor. Of course, anything on the floor is fair game for kittens so they had a ball tearing the towels into little pieces and scattering them all over the place.
I also found toys in the litter boxes and food scattered about. I guess the babies had become bored so they made their own fun. They were just being kittens and I actually thought it was funny to see how much havoc five little kittens could wreak on one small playroom.
The kittens have added more to my daily workload, but it's truly been a labor of love and I'd do it all again. I'd better not say that too loudly.....shhhh.

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Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

well they are just as cute as ever..and I can't believe they are all boys...I was always told if the whoohas were close together it was a girl..but if they were further apart it was a boy..because you know whats would be growing there..Rusty is still my favorite...I love his coloring and the little spots on his front paws...have a wonderful tuesday..and as my husband tells me..he said if he is reincarnated he wants to come back as one of my kittys....and I want to come back as one of your kittys..they are so loved and have the best play room ever...:)