Monday, September 28, 2009


I wanted to post one last group photo of Kelly's kittens. They're together for the very last time in the slide show below. Rusty went home with a sweet young lady tonight and she is now his mama. She has an adult cat at home and wants a companion for her. I think the young lady had her eye on Elliot, but that little stinker ran and wouldn't let her get to know him. Rusty, on the other hand, settled down and played with her and the friend she brought along. He even climbed into their laps and lay on his back, purring loudly. The other kittens were scattered throughout the house playing, but Rusty stayed and bonded with his new mama. She may think she chose him, but I think he actually chose her. It sure seemed like a good match.
The furry gang is a little quieter tonight and I wonder if they miss their brother. They may not, since they each still have three other kittens with which to play and snuggle. Before the young lady came tonight, Kelly and Rusty played together for awhile. Since she's recovering from her recent spay surgery, she's not allowed to "roughhouse" with her kittens and they're not supposed to try to nurse. I allow them to spend time together though, and enjoy watching them interact. I can't bear to keep them apart and never intended for that to happen. In order for Kelly to be admitted into the spay/neuter program, she needed to be away from the kittens until her milk supply was gone, so she was separated from them during the nights for about two weeks. She was able to be with them as long they didn't try to nurse.
I had no idea which kitten would be going to his forever home tonight and I suppose it was a fluke (or was it?) that Rusty stayed in the kitten room for a long time this afternoon and played with his mama. It was such a sweet picture, but I didn't have my camera with me at the time. It's just as well. Some things are best left between a mama and her child.
Have a wonderful life sweet Rusty.....I miss you already.


Anonymous said...

i am very happy that Rusty found a home. Its just a matter of time and they all will have loving homes.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Oh I am happy for little rusty..Sad for you though to have to say good bye...but it sounded like it was meant to be..:)

inese said...

Kady, I think what you are doing is wonderful. Dixie and her kittens are very lucky to have you as their guardian. I have enjoyed reading your blog for awhile. Just thought it was time to say "hello".