Thursday, October 1, 2009


I doubt the kittens remember spending their first few weeks in the towel-padded bathtub, but today they decided to jump inside it and play. They were so funny. It was as if they'd found some new secret hide-away. I posted a video (above) of their escapades. Everytime they heard a noise, they all jumped out of the tub and scattered. They've grown so fast and I can't believe we're nearing the end of our adventure.
I have them signed up for an adoption display on Oct 11th, through an agency called "Rescue Me", if they aren't already in forever homes by then. I talked with the director of the agency the other day and she's a very caring person who has been rescuing cats and kittens for over 30 years. The agency website can be found through If you go there, click on "Rescue Me", and you'll be taken to their website.
One of the best things about this kitten adoption program is that I'll be able to stay right there with the furry ones to answer questions and screen prospective "parents". The director of the program said each adoption will depend on whether I feel ok about letting the kittens go to people who might want them. I will have the last word. That is such a relief to me. She also told me kittens are hard to find homes for right now because of the economy. It can be expensive to adopt a kitten or cat, especially if one is given the needed veterinarian care and healthy food. I was also told every cat or kitten placed through this agency received a forever home. That's the best news of all.
It would seem that one way or another, the remaining kittens will find homes within the next few weeks. Wish us all luck!

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good luck! I hope they find homes.