Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Recently, my good friend, Deanna, and I visited via the telephone and logged on to our computers while we're talking. Unfortunately for me, Deanna lives two hours away and I don't have the chance to visit her very often. She has introduced me to some fantastic websites. I added them to my list of sites to visit. One is an online craft magazine called "Rusty Tin Roof". Here's the link: From there, you can visit so many other sites and blogs that I can almost guarantee you'll get lost. Another great site we found was, "The 1800 House" When you go there, be sure to click onto "Friends". You won't be sorry you did, but you might not get anything else done today. Click each photo there to access the website for each one.
If I didn't have cats to tend, a dryer buzzing at me, and craft items to finish, I'd spend a little more time on here today browsing those sites. I'll save some of that for another visit with Deanna. It's the next best thing to visiting in person.

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