Thursday, October 29, 2009


Wednesday was the last day for the local Farmers Market and I missed it. All the other times the market was in progress, it ran from 1pm to 6pm. Unfortunately I waited until 5pm yesterday to drive down Stoney Hill to purchase fresh fruits and veggies - and pickled beets.
I was disappointed when I arrived at the location - just across the bridge which spans the Great Miami River - and found that all but one of vendors had left. The remaining farmer was packing his crates and loading them in his truck. It was only 5pm!
Maybe I should have gone down sooner, but as far as I knew, the market would be open until 6pm or later. Most of the time, the vendors had stayed until 6:30pm or until there were no more customers. Perhaps they were in a hurry to leave because it was the last day or maybe some of them sold all the produce they'd brought. I'd planned to buy corn, peppers, tomatoes, and maybe another pumpkin or two, plus some beets and pickles. I'll just have to wait until next fall for more of those delicious pickled beets.

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