Monday, October 26, 2009


I wish I could offer good reports about kitten adoptions and the craft show, but I cannot.
None of the kittens was adopted on Sunday. People continue to ooh and ahh over them and exclaim how very cute they are, but most people who love cats already have as many as they want. I'm trying to be patient and optomistic, but it's getting harder by the week. I love these kittens but there are some stray kittens outdoors who look to be the same ages as mine that are in dire need of attention. Cold weather is approaching but I can't bring another cat into this house until I've been able to have these babies adopted. There is no more room at the inn.
I've not fully recovered from all the sewing, stuffing, and finishing of my items, yet I have nothing to show for all that work. I don't think I'd ever participated in a show where I sold not one thing. Well, I have now. I could offer excuses and some would be valid - room for only one table when we'd been told there would be room for two - tons of import items being passed off as handmades when the promoters said anyone with imports would be asked to leave - like that happened. I actually confronted one exhibitor selling things I knew to be imports, and asked how much fiberfill it took to make the huge fabric snowmen she was selling like hotcakes. She was silent for a few seconds then admitted she didn't make any of them. I asked, "Are you kidding? Don't you know this is a show for only handcrafted items? " - She said she had "embellished" the snowmen. Right. I talked to one of the promoters who passed the buck to someone else. In the end, all the imports stayed and the promoter told me those who juried the show didn't really know what was imported and what was not. I pointed out some of the imports and she seemed shocked. Our only recourse was to make sure the survey that was offered expressed our thoughts about all that transpired.
On the positive side, Deanna, had made some lovely hand crocheted scarves, hats, and rag rugs, and those things sold well. I can honestly say I was thrilled her things were selling. She and I are never in competition with each other and when one of us does well, the other is very happy for her. We always encourage each other. Deanna was empathetic over my lack of sales, but I wasn't upset - disappointed, yes, but not upset. She works hard and makes excellent items and it seemed people were interested in buying needful things rather than decorations. That's very understandable. Plus, it might have been a bit late in the season to expect to sell pumpkins.
I've been trying to decide whether I should hang it up and get rid of my crafting supplies or keep on crafting but make different items and find unique ways to display them. Perhaps I'm dense and/or stubborn, but I'm not ready to throw in the crafting towel just yet. I need to offer some new items and I have many patterns from which to choose. It's just that the things I'd often chosen to make had continued to sell (until this weekend) so I thought it was a good idea to make them as long as people were buying them.
Once again, I've learned a lesson. Perhaps our lives will always be filled with lessons to learn.

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Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Oh Kady I am sorry to hear about your gift show..I know how hard we work and then to have someone come in with NON-handmade items is what puts us out of business...that would seriously chap my hide..and they need better jurors or they need to get glasses...I am also sorry to hear that the kittys aren't getting adopted...I hope this weekend is better..;)