Thursday, October 8, 2009


These kittens are a constant source of amusement. Last night they discovered the bathroom sink. I didn't even know they could jump up on the counter in the bathroom. They never cease to amaze me. It's so funny to watch them because if one does something, the rest follow suit in short order. It's truly a case of "monkey see, monkey do". All four were up on the bathroom counter, swirling about in the sink, and checking out their images in the mirror - too cute.
I thought I was making a video of their sink antics last night but my digital camera had other ideas. It suggested once again that my card was full. That seemed impossible since I had erased everything on it last time it informed me the card was filled. I'm simply not equipped to successfully handle these kinds of glitches. Thank goodness for a spouse who is not digitally challenged.
The only thing that came of last night's video attempt was one picture. My digital card is now truly empty and I can begin again.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

aren't kittys too funny..ours love to drink out of the batroom sink and some used to love the bathtub..;)

SayRah said...

Yes, I find the most amusement from either my cats, my moms and even my brothers! I love playing mind games with them, and vise versa I'm sure!

Stop by my blog, lady! I have something special just for YOU!
wink, wink :)
((hugs & blessings))