Thursday, October 8, 2009


This is the kind of weather I wait for all year long. Finally, it's FALL! The only negative thing about Fall is that it doesn't stick around long enough to suit me. Fall should last at least as long as the sticky hot summers do. I'll take Fall weather over heat and humidity anytime.
In southwest Ohio, the leaves are beginning to turn those vibrant golds, reds, and oranges we love. I took a picture a few minutes ago that shows the trees in our "back 40" with just a smidge of color. That's how I know Fall is really here.
Last evening, I was in the backyard picking cherry tomatoes and gourds. I thought I'd check on my one watermelon too. Some gardener I wasn't a watermelon at all. It was a big green striped GOURD. It's larger than any of the others and I'd convinced myself (and I think I even told Granddaughter) that we had a watermelon. It's pretty, but it's NOT a watermelon.
Granddaughter and I planted so many seeds we lost track of what kinds of seeds we planted and where we planted them. We had fun though, and that's what counted. I know we planted at least three packages of gourds and one package of watermelon seeds, but the little patch in which we planted them only yielded one bowlful of gourds (and no watermelon). I guess one bowlful is better than having no gourds at all.

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