Sunday, November 8, 2009

IF AT FIRST (or 2nd or 3rd ) YOU DON'T SUCCEED . . .

This was another weekend with no kittens being adopted. I don't know why my sweet kittens are not being scooped up and loved to pieces. So many people comment on how cute they are but I think those who see Kelly and her kittens already have all the pets they need.
We do have a pending adoption to celebrate this week. We may have found Taylor a home. He's a big beautiful yellow Garfield look-alike who found his way to my kindred cat friend's home quite a few months ago. He's such a laid back kitty that he wasn't defending himself from being smacked around by some other strays who came to feed at my friend's door. The poor guy seemed just too nice to strike back at his attackers. My friend already had a houseful of cats and couldn't take him in since he had not been tested for leukemia and FIV, but she was afraid Taylor was going to really be hurt if we didn't think of a solution for him.
I went to get him and made a vet appointment. My friend and I made sure he received the medical treatment he needed and he healed quickly and completely. We had him neutered and he received an ID chip and all his vaccinations. He quickly became part of my family and was in my lap every time I sat down. I loved that. Even though a couple of my boy kitties hissed at him and took a few swipes at him from time to time, Taylor took it all in stride and never seemed interested in retaliation. He was comfortable wherever he was, especially if he was on my lap.
Taylor is such a sweet boy and I do love him, but his adoption will help out my household. Since I took in three feral kittens last week, and Kelly's kittens haven't all been adopted, and I don't hold a lot of hope for Kelly herself, one less cat here will actually be a good thing for us. I'll surely miss him but I know my friend well, and if she vouches for an adoptive family for one of my cats, I know I can trust that it will be a good match.
P.S. This week is not starting out well. My kindred cat friend has just received news that her mother is facing life threatening health issues and the people who thought they wanted Taylor only gave him five hours to bond with their other cat before they decided it wasn't going to work. He's back at my friend's house now. That isn't nearly enough time for any animals to bond with each other. I would appreciate any prayers you could offer for my dear friend, Chris, and her mom. Thank you so much.

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KSedlak said...

God Bless you, Kady for being their advocate. The little ones are adorable as all the kittens and cats you have shared with us. They are so lucky to have you.