Monday, December 7, 2009


This weekend, I had high hopes Bailey, Elliot, and Ziggy would finally be adopted. For once, we were able to show them on Saturday AND Sunday. After two days of taking them back and forth to the adoption venue, they are still with me. I dearly love these furry boys, so fostering them is not a problem. The downside is they are growing bigger by the day and of course, people seem to gravitate to tiny kittens first. That's what happened this weekend. Two new litters of kittens were the ones given the "showcase" spots at the center. Each kitten needed a home, so when many of the tiny ones were adopted, I considered it a blessing and was very happy for them. I still can't help but wonder when someone will want my boys though. What's not to love about them? Am I the only one who thinks they're darling?
For some weeks, we've been able to show the boys only on Sundays. That is not optimum exposure for kittens one hopes to place in loving homes. My boys had been showcased at first, but the people who will become their forever parents have not shown up yet. I wish I had a dollar for every person who has commented on how sweet, cute, fuzzy, and loveable these boys are. So why not adopt one? Or two? Or all three?
I chose the Rescue Me adoption procedures because the agency is very particular about who adopts their kittens. That's what I wanted, but I had no idea it would take so long. I did not put up posters advertising "free kittens", though I did try to have them adopted through my vet's office and I did put up posters (asking a small fee to help with vet expenses) in every store, vet's office, and other place that would allow it. I began this journey knowing full-well that kittens are sometimes hard to place - not because they're not cute or loving enough, but rather because they are so plentiful. Apparently, some people who do wish to add kittens to their families would rather take chances on finding free kittens than pay a very reasonable fee for a kitten that has been checked by a vet, vaccinated, and loved since the day he was born.
Do I seem disappointed? You bet I am. I feel as though I've done everything I know to do in order to raise people-friendly, litter box trained, playful, well-adjusted kittens. But, I'm not bitter, nor will I stop working to find homes for these sweet furry boys. Until the people who want them come along, I'll continue to love and cherish them. If I didn't already have a houseful of adult cats and other kittens in need of my love and attention, these boys would be mine forever.

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