Monday, December 14, 2009

Ziggy's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Ziggy was being his curious little kitten self this afternoon, but he ran into some snags. He was keenly observing as one of the adult cats jumped up on the kitchen counter. I swiftly whisked Roxie off the counter and told her "off!". Ziggy thought he'd try it too. He jumped up on the counter and I did the same thing I'd done with Roxie. I swiftly but gently ushered him to the floor and firmly told him, "off!". Roxie decided to not do that again, but Ziggy was relentless. The third time he landed on the counter, I used the sink sprayer, intending to give him a little spritz of water, but the hose twisted and stuck, causing me to give him a shower. Undaunted, he remained on the counter though he was soaking wet. Roxie, who'd been sitting on the floor beneath him, was drenched as was my kitchen floor. So much for that lesson.
I secured a towel and asked Spouse to dry Ziggy's fur as I wiped down the counter. When Spouse let him down, Ziggy came back over to me, though I didn't realize it. I turned and promptly stepped on his fuzzy tail, sending him squealing and running in the opposite direction. I was so upset I'd stepped on the little guy and was sure he felt he was being abused.
Finally, I was able to scoop him up in order to hold and comfort him. While I was holding him, Spouse took a hot skillet off the stove and put it directly in the sink and ran cold water over it. I was standing a couple feet away and the loud sizzling sound of the steaming skillet sent Ziggy into a tailspin. He dug his nails into my arm and chest, jumped down, and ran for cover. He didn't come out from behind the couch for quite awhile. I'm afraid I wasn't as nice as I could have been to my spouse when I loudly suggested that was a stupid thing to do.
We sat down in the livingroom and Ziggy finally came and sat on my lap. I was relieved that he seemed to have forgiven us and he lay in my arms for a bit and purred. I thought all was well but then....Ziggy jumped up and ran across the coffee table to chase one of his brothers. There happened to be some magazines in his path. Of course Ziggy had no idea how slick magazines could be on glass, and he skidded on them and went sailing halfway across the room - magazines and furry tail flying. He scared the other cats and they ran in every direction. I hope Ziggy has a better day tomorrow.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

sorry to hear that you got clawed in all the silliness..but your post made me giggle..and I hope Ziggy has a better day and you too.:>)

KSedlak said...

Poor Ziggy. It sounds like a Friday the 13th kind of day for him...and you too. He is so adorable and sounds like a very loving kitty. You have done a wonderful job raising the babies.

Anonymous said...

Ziggy is such a cutie! Some days are like that when you are a cat. They are lucky to have you! April