Sunday, December 13, 2009


When my dear friend, Deanna, and I are able to visit, we often find ourselves in some strange predicaments. We've sometimes been called Ethyl and Lucy, and I'm pretty sure we switch roles from time to time. We both love to browse through thrift stores, and when we have time, that's usually one of the first things we choose to do. We've collected a whole memory box full of misadventures.
I don't know how much time we spent in the local thrift store on Saturday, but it was long enough for each of us to find some treasures. Deanna found a wonderful Christmas quilt and I found a couple of vintage table cloths, among other things. When we'd first entered the store, Deanna had spied a flocked Alpine tree and asked the clerk to hold it for her until we'd finished shopping.
We had a great time strolling around the store and as we checked out and paid for our treasures, the real fun began. Deanna's flocked tree was probably 6 or 7 feet tall and shedding "snow" as if it was in a blizzard. Every time we touched it, more snow fell until we had fake flakes sticking to us from head to toe. Deanna held open the shop door while I made some less-than-graceful reverse maneuvers with the cart, trying to get the tree outside. We finally turned the tree on its side in the cart and created another small blizzard in the process.
After rolling the tree across the parking lot, we caused another flurry as we lifted it into my van. I opened the back hatch door in order to help move the tree into a diagonal position across the backseats. Deanna was worried my spouse might be upset when he saw all the snow that fell in the van, but I assured her it would vaccum up quickly and was not a problem. Today was a busy day so the van interior remained snow covered. My spouse just laughed about it and remarked that it looked as if we'd had a lot of fun. We'll get around to shoveling out the snow, but for now, it's not hurting anything. It's a good reminder of all the fun I had with Lucy, or was it Ethyl?

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