Thursday, January 28, 2010


Since the small crisis has passed, I feel I can share what's been going on here. My life was put "on hold" for about a week, at least in my mind. Last Thursday I had what was I thought would be a routine allergist appointment. I'd completed a routine dental exam a few days earlier and that went very well. I assumed the allergist appointment would go well too, but it didn't.
Basically, I failed two lung capacity tests. The second one was done after medication to help my breathing had been administered. My doctor ordered a chest x-ray and blood tests and that started to sound less and less routine. I remained calm and began asking questions. The doctor was concerned about lung obstruction, so after most of my questions had been answered, I asked this one -"Are you checking for masses (tumors) in my lungs?". I wanted the truth. She said, "Among other things, yes". That was sobering and not at all what I wanted to hear, but I'd asked for the truth.
The chest x-ray showed a nodule in one lung. The doctor called and said she wanted me to have a CT scan as soon as possible. For two days I was on the phone relaying information between the allergist's office and the medical imaging staff of a local hospital. That was fun. Finally, the correct information was received by all parties and my scan was scheduled. I had it this morning at 7:30. I'd told a few family members and close friends what was happening and all of them offered love, support, prayers, and positive thoughts. Spouse insisted on going to the scan with me, but I talked him out of it by telling him I might need him more at a later time, if I needed further tests. He was very supportive but I felt calm and knew I could do this.
I know without a doubt the prayers of family and friends helped keep me feeling peaceful in the situation. The scan went smoothly and I was happy to have gotten it out of the way. I went to the allergist's office shortly after having the scan and received allergy shots. While there, I talked to one of the nurses who said she would call me as soon as she received the scan results.
That call came a few minutes ago. I'm very relieved and grateful to report the nodule was only a bit of scar tissue from an old lung infection. However, the scan showed I have a small hiatal hernia. That was a surprise, since I've had no symptoms. I might have had it since birth and not known anything about it. Hiatal hernias generally can be easily repaired by surgery, but since it's giving me no problems I doubt anything will need to be done. Compared to what I might have been facing, I'll take the hernia and scar tissue and be very thankful to God it was nothing more serious.


KSedlak said...

I am so glad that you are going to be fine and hopefully not require any surgery. My grandmother always talked about her hiatal hernia. She lived to be 92 and died of natural causes. So I think you can look forward to a long future ahead of you.
Thank you for sharing your story and God bless you always....

Whimsey Creations said...

Oh so glad to hear the good news! I know you must be very relieved. Big hugs!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

wow you dropped a bomb shell on us!! but I am thankful that you are okay....;):):)...take care and smile like the cute kitty..:)

The Olde Country Cupboard said...

so glad, it went well. Things like that can really scare you. I am so glad that your test checked out good.
take care,