Sunday, February 21, 2010


Human beings are the only creatures on earth that allow their children to come back home - Bill Cosby
Another furry child of mine has found his forever family. Right now I feel as if Elliot is simply on an overnight. The only problem is, he's not ever coming back home to me. How can I be so elated and brokenhearted at the same time?
From the day these kittens were born, I knew they were mine only for a short while. I wanted them to be adopted into loving homes and have their own families. That is the best outcome any foster "mom" could wish for her furry felines. I hope I was a good cat mama and gave them enough love and attention so they'd not be afraid in new environments. Even though I know it's a selfish and frivolous thought, I want them to remember me.
Elliot seemed to sense that the people he needed to be with were at the adoption center today. He played, purred, and interacted with them, though there had been times when he lay in his clean litter box and slept. People like to see active kittens and he had simply not been interested in what anyone thought. Today was different. I want to believe he chose his adoptive family as much as they chose him.
When I arrived at the center today, the adoption papers had not yet been signed. I was told the people who were interested in Elliot wanted to talk to me. I loved that. Animal foster parents don't always have that opportunity. I talked with them at length and met their young son. He kept asking "When do I get to take MY kitty home?" - of course that melted my heart. In his mind, Elliot was already his. The little boy and his dad were busy choosing a litter box, pet carrier, kitten food, scratching post, and toys. They had a pile of goodies next to the table where Elliot's new mom was signing the papers. One of the volunteers said to me, "Honey, that kitten has more gifts than I received on Christmas morning. He's going to be just fine". The transition had begun.
The family includes a dog and I cautioned that Elliot had not interacted with any dogs - ever. I was assured theirs was a very gentle labrador retriever that loved children and had never shown any signs of aggression. The more I talked with the family, the better I felt about the adoption. I knew I had to let Elliot go. They seemed to have fallen in love with him. How could I not want him to have a life with them? I held Elliot one last time and told him goodbye.
Tonight I'm reminding myself that cats and dogs can and do get along together if introduced properly. Yet, here I sit, wondering if all has gone well in Elliot's new home. Is he scared? Does he miss his kitty mama and siblings? Is he missing me? I continue to have faith that my prayers are being answered and Elliot, Ziggy, Kizzy, and Rusty have all gone to live with loving people who will care for them and protect them for the rest of their lives - and I'm sure Bailey's turn will eventually come.
Have a wonderful life Elliot.

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Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Oh Kady as I sit here and read your entry I have tears streaming down my face as I feel like I just said goodbye to my baby...He is a sweetheart and all we can do is pray for this wee one and that he has found his forever home..Take care...:)