Monday, February 22, 2010


RUSTY NOW . . . . . . AND THEN ---->

It was just one phone call but it stopped me in my tracks today. When I answered, the person on the other end began a whining tirade of why she couldn't keep her cat - he's had health issues, he eats all her food if she leaves it out - well, cats will do that. He runs around her house knocking down things, he's been a "demon cat", and she's become pregnant and her boyfriend is moving in with her. He says he's allergic to cats, which may or may not be true. I think HE is the real reason she didn't want to keep her cat.
What cat is this? He's sweet Rusty, the first of Kelly's kittens to have been adopted - last September. Yes, she had him all this time and never once called me. Rusty had chosen this person to be his mama. The other kittens were oblivious to her when she came to my house the first time, but Rusty immediately plopped his furry tail into her lap and acted as if he'd known her forever. He even took a little nap in her arms. She seemed so completely taken with him. I thought it was love at first site for both of them. How wrong I was.
After talking with her when she brought Rusty home tonight, I became convinced it was simply inconvenient for her to deal with a growing, energetic kitten. I asked questions: Was Rusty left alone for long periods of time? Yes. Was he still having health issues? Well, no, those seemed to have mysteriously cleared up about a month ago. Right. What kind of health issues did he have? Oh, he had some loose stool after she changed his food three times. Then he scooted his bottom along the carpet once in awhile. He's a long-haired cat for Heaven's sake. I asked if she'd ever thought of brushing him or clipping a bit of fur from under his tail. No. Did she have him neutered. No. Why am I not surprised? So much for my ability to judge a person's character. The "best" reason she gave - her female cat has been coming into heat. What? She had an unspayed female and an un-neutered male in her home, left alone for hours at a time? It was just getting better and better. I thought her boyfriend was allergic to cats, or was he just allergic to Rusty? I wanted to smack her when she said if Rusty hadn't had such a cute face, she would have "gotten rid of him" a long time ago. Rid of him? He's not a piece of trash! It completely broke my heart to think I'd trusted her to give Rusty the home he needed. He deserved so much better. She said had she not been able to reach me or had I not been willing to take him back, she would have taken him to the animal shelter. I'm beside myself tonight, knowing I so terribly misjudged her. I hadn't seen any red flags nor sensed anything untoward in the way she interacted with Rusty. Did she intentionally deceive me or did she simply change her mind about having another cat and think I wouldn't welcome him back if she didn't make up excuses?
Thank God she called me and brought him home. Through clinched teeth, I thanked her for calling me and wished her well. Her last words to me were these: "I knew if anybody could deal with this cat, it would be you". Deal with this cat? This kitten's name is Rusty. He doesn't need to be "dealt with", he needs to be loved and appreciated for the sweet boy he is. He seems perfectly fine to me. Two minutes after she left, Rusty was lying in my arms like a baby, purring like a motor boat. Demon cat, my foot!
Rusty is having a good time investigating his former home. The very first place he went was down the hall to the bathroom. He immediately jumped into the tub which had been home to him and his brothers for their first few weeks of life. Did he remember? I don't know, but I thought it odd that he chose that place to begin his investigation. Next, he chose the kitty condo. He used to love climbing on it and still does. Maybe it jolted his memory just a bit? Perhaps some of his kitten DNA remains there.
I re-introduced Rusty to his brother Bailey and his mom, Kelly - one at a time. Mercy, this house sounded like a snake pit - hisss....hisss....HISSS.....HISSS..... from all the little vipers. I hadn't assumed they'd remember each other. Mother cats act indifferently toward their offspring unless they've stayed together and even then, no one knows for sure if they can remember being related. They simply move on with their lives.
I'm sure things will be better in a few days. I'm glad Rusty is safe with me and though I'm disappointed the adoption didn't work out, I'm very relieved and grateful my little Rusty is back. Actually, Rusty is not so little anymore. He's a big boy and more handsome than ever. I'll make sure he receives a better life than what he's experienced thus far. Please forgive me Rusty. I honestly thought she was the one. It turned out she was just not that into you.


KSedlak said...

The pictures of Rusty are adorable. He has, indeed, grown since last seen. I am so glad she kept your number and called you. I do believe he remembers where he was born otherwise I don't think he would've gone straight to the bathtub. They have very strong senses, that's why we hear such amazing stories of animals returning home after being gone for months or even years.They know where they belong.
God Bless you, Kady for having a good home for the kitties.

Sandi said...

you have such a wonderful heart...
that woman didn't deserve Rusty, and he'll find his forever home with someone who'll give him unconditional love...


Kady--I think you and DH should build another little cottage next to yours and I can come and live help you with all these beautiful babies!!!
I am glad she called you and that you were able to take him back and yes he does remember you and his first home---give him a hug for me!!
Hugs, Di

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

what a complete idiot..first of all she shouldn't have pets as she hasn't bothered to have them fixed..and she won't either..cause she won't want to spend the money on them..what will she do when that female of hers ends up pregant? and yeah they going to have poopy problems when you change their food...duh...she is obviously just a pet owner and not a pet lover..hopefully she will gain experience like we all have and I am so glad your little Rusty is back with you and not the pound..:)