Sunday, February 28, 2010


For the New Year I vowed to make at least one dozen ornaments each month so when it's time for Fall craft shows, I'll be prepared - for once. My January stocking ornaments were finished well before the last day of that month, but February's ornaments weren't stitched until yesterday. While I'm glad to have kept my vow so far, I'm not happy it took all month to decide what ornaments to make and then sew them. Why do I procrastinate? Is it really procrastination?
Actually . . . it's not as if I had nothing else to do this month. There was a dental check-up and a routine allergist appointment which evolved into a chest x-ray, then a CT scan, a visit to a lung specialist, and more tests. I traveled out of town to visit my mother and take her to the oral surgeon. I made trips every weekend - sometimes Saturday AND Sunday - to the Rescue Me pet adoption center (22 miles one-way) hoping to secure loving forever homes for Kelly's kittens. Meanwhile, I cared for my own menagerie, cat-sat for a neighbor for 10 days (making twice-a-day visits), and continued to look after neighborhood feral cats, as much as they'd allow. Most recently, I humanely trapped a sweet feral I named Dixie since I feared she would not survive much longer in this cold weather. I also welcomed back a kitten that had been adopted from me five months ago. I've been trying to help him adjust to being back "home" and he's doing well, as is Dixie.
Caring for cats is one of my passions but I also have many daily household responsibilities, as most women do. I cook almost every day, do the laundry, clean up after cats, grocery shop, and the list goes on . . . yet I wonder why I don't take time to sew some ornaments? Maybe I've been a little too hard on myself. I did hand-make one dozen ornaments this month and was still able to complete the tasks for which I am solely responsible. Maybe I did ok afterall.

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