Friday, March 26, 2010


Ok, so I don't have THIS many cats, but I do love this picture.

Read "BUT FIRST", first - then read how today went. I swear this is true!
I was up and wide awake at 7:30 this morning so there should be no excuse for not getting more done today - I'm blaming BFPS (see previous post) - First thing today, I thought I'd unload the dishwasher but remembered I needed to call the spay/neuter clinic to tell them I wasn't able to catch that cat last night that I was to take in this morning - made the call then saw some notes on my calendar which reminded me today is my daughter and son-in-law's anniversary - I hadn't forgotten, just hadn't sent my good wishes yet - I composed an email and a card - then I received a phone call and forgot all about the dishwasher needing to be emptied - after the phone call, I made the bed and decided I should spruce up the bedroom, but in the middle of that I thought of the shower curtain that Bigger Tigger (or some furry one) had spritzed on yesterday - which ever cat was the culprit, he/she actually did a little deed inside the bathtub (which I could smell but never did see) - the curtain smelled funny and I didn't want to take any chances -
I had taken down the shower liner and curtain and left both to soak in the bathtub - I went into the bathroom, rinsed and hung them up so we could use the shower tonight - when I did that, I noticed the bathroom mirror had been spashed (probably by cats playing in the sink) and realized the Windex was in the kitchen - arrived in the kitchen and was reminded of the dishes waiting on me - but I'd promised to go re-set the humane cat trap at a neighbor's house - started to do that but knew my own furry ones were in need of feeding, scooping, and loving - so I tended to their needs first, then drove down the street and set the trap - in the process of setting the trap, I spilled yummy smelling canned cat food juice all over me (it's what I used to entice the cat I'm trying to catch) and when I arrived home, I was immediately swarmed by cats wanting to lick the salmon off me.
So now it's 5:30pm and time for Spouse to arrive home from work - the dishwasher is still full of clean dishes, the dog is outside scratching at the door wanting in, the shower curtains are still wet, the bedroom is still dusty....but.....the cat trap is set and my furry ones have been fed and loved, and I'm wearing salmon juice as a fragrance. I guess that's not bad for a busy day.


Kas said...

Just love that photo and your story is priceless.


I know what you mean--I also have this problem--but with me--I try to do too many things at the same time and wonder how the floor got wet, flour all over the counter and frying pan burnt--it was because I want trying to fill a dish with water, make batch of muffins and cook something in the fry pan alllll at the same time--course all I get is a big mess--so just walk out of the kitchen and go to the quilt room--there I know what I am doing--may have a dozen projects going at once--but there I can only work on one piece at a time!!!!!
By the way--sorry you did not get the kitty---and thanks for a big chuckle!!!! Hugs, Di

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

you crack me up..that is too funny..:)

Keri said...

Hi Kady,

I LOVE reading your blog! :o)

My husband and I have 21 cats in our house right now, 6 are confined to a room of their own (a Mama and her 5 kittens), but we have 15 roaming the house freely during the day. We have 3 who don't quite get along (one of our females is rather agressive and she intimidats 2 of our younger males) and two of the neutered males have taken to "marking" around the house as a result. I have recently come across two AMAZING products which you can buy online. One is an enzyme cleaner called Zero Odor and you can find that on Zero Odor is an enzyme cleaner for those kitty "accidents" and it is a great product! The other is called Feliway. It is a pheremone that resembles the scent a cat leaves behind after rubbing its mouth on something and it has a calming effect on all of the cats in the house. I only just started using it last week and have noticed a BIG difference. I ordered mine on It comes in a spray and a plug-in. The only downside I have seen with it is that you really have to keep your windows closed in order for it to work effectively and I don't like to do that on those nice spring days. ;o) If you start having behavioral issues with your kitties spraying, this might be a solution for you. Just thought I'd share what has been working for me. :o)