Thursday, March 4, 2010


Well I did it again. I must have done this a dozen times and I'm not eggsaggerating. I allowed boiled eggs to burn in the pan on the stove - eggsactly as I'd done in the past. Apparently I didn't learn from those eggsperiences. I had put four eggs on to boil and set the timer, then decided to go downstairs and begin the daily cat care. I thought I'd spend a few minutes feeding and watering the clan, then come up and eggsamine the boiling eggs. I ran into complications which I'll eggsplain in another post.
I lost track of time and when I came upstairs I smelled something eggstremely pungent and wondered if one of the cats had become eggcited and made a mess somewhere. At the eggsact moment I reached the landing, I realized what had happened and where the "aroma" originated.
I hurried to the kitchen and eggcitedly took the pan off the stove. The eggs were eggstremely hard-boiled and even though I was eggstra careful, one eggsploded as I lowered the pan into the sink! As you can see from the photo, the eggs were burned beyond use. There are three eggs in the pan, but where's the fourth? It's on the ceiling, the wall, the kitchen counter, and the floor - whoops, it's not on the floor anymore. The dog just cleaned up that mess. This is so eggsasperating!



Oh--You are a Hoot tonight---why do we do the things we do are beyond me sometimes!!!! I have LEARNED--that I must stay in the kitchen when cooking--so I clean--the kitchen during that time--and I always turn on the stove fan--that noise drives me crazy--soo it helps too!!!
Think of you--hugs, Di

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh you are totally "quacking" me up...Glad the dog was there to do his part...those eggs look pitiful...have a good one.:)

dj said...

oh have i done

thank goodness for dogs in the kitchen.....saves me sweeping on occassion.

oh and i made those no bake choc cookies earlier this week too.....wish i could say i had just one....


Whimsey Creations said...

Ewwwwwww - don't you just hate when you do that? LOL I just got my Mary Jane's Farm magazine yesterday and there is a recipe in there for crackled tea eggs. While they are very pretty - both the shells and after you peel them - since they end up cooking for somewhere near an hour and a half I'm not sure how good they really taste. But it's an interesting recipe.

I had a cooking disaster this week too. I was making some banana bread and decided to add some Hershey's Dark Chocolate (the unsweetened powder) to it. Now I have a different recipe for chocolate banana bread too but since I was partway through making my usual recipe, just decided to make it chocolate. I noticed when I put it in the pan that it was denser than usual. I cut a slice and kept taking little bites trying to convince myself it was worth eating. It wasn't and I had to throw the whole loaf away - whaaaaaaaaaaa all those good walnuts gone to waste! Guess those three tablespoons of chocolate were just too much more dry ingredient to add to my recipe!