Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Things are getting back to normal around here. We picked up the furry girls, Annie and Gracie, last night and they were very quiet on the way home - no doubt plotting their next getaway attempt. The clinic people were gracious but the man had bite marks as souvenirs of the girls' visit. I'm to take them back in three weeks for their second set of vaccinations. That should be fun. We've recently had five cats spayed/neutered and only Dixie and Rusty yet to go. Three have been adopted so far and we're hoping more will find forever homes.
We arrived home last night to find brother Timmy quietly resting in the same spot he'd been most of the afternoon. He hadn't eaten any food nor drunk water the whole day. He allowed me to pet him, which in itself was cause for alarm. He looked fine and had acted ok earlier when he wanted to be out where the big cats were. Spouse suggested he might have been in a fuss with one of the big guys and been bitten or scratched. I thought he might simply have been missing his sisters.
I checked on him a couple times before I retired for the night but I didn't sleep well. I kept wondering if something was wrong with the little guy and presuming I'd be making another vet call today. Maybe he'd simply calmed down a bit or was feeling depressed, but red flags had gone up when I noticed he'd stayed in the same place for so long.
As soon as I awoke this morning, I checked on Timmy. He was still in the same kitty bed as when I'd left him. He looked ok. His eyes were clear and he had no upper respiratory symptoms. I grabbed a towel (not taking any chances) and wrapped it around him. I picked him up and he became quite feisty, in fact, he became just like Velcro with his front paws latching onto the cat bed. I took him into the room where his sisters spent the night and all of a sudden he started moving around and sniffing them. He looked back and forth - first at them, then at me. I don't know what thought processes cats actually have, but I imagined he'd been sure I had done away with his sisters and was shocked to see they were back. The last time I checked on the trio, they were curled up close to each other and sweetly napping.
The girls are moving slowly, as expected, and I think Timmy is fine. He seems content to be back with his sisters. The three have always been together and I think they rely on each other. We have happier critters here today and I'm relieved all of them seem healthy and happy - at least for now.

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Happy ending for Timmy I would say!!!
good for you--I think I will wait a while before I come to visit--until after the "sisters" second visit!!!!