Thursday, March 11, 2010


My sister, Linda, sent a Walt Disney quote in an email today and I thought it was too good to keep to myself. She shared it with two dear friends who also happen to be her ballroom dance instructors. She considers them "life enhancers" and wanted to tell them how she felt. Too often we hold back when we might encourage someone by simply letting that person know we value what he does and who he is.
Life Enhancers
There are three kinds of people in the world today.
There are “well-poisoners” - those who discourage you and stomp
on your creativity and tell you what you can’t do.
There are “lawn-mowers” - people who are well-intentioned,
but self-absorbed. They tend to their own needs, mow their own lawns
but never leave their yards to help another person.
Finally, there are “life-enhancers” - people who reach out
to enrich the lives of others, to lift them up and inspire them.

We need to be life-enhancers, and we need
to surround ourselves with life-enhancers.

-Walt Disney


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I love it..makes you think...:)


Thank you for being our life-enhancer and for keeping us safe, warm, dry, and fed and loved--
your Kitties

and thank you for being a life enhancer to me---I love your site and what you do for the kitties
Hugs, Di

Dan said...

Love the quote! It is so true! Thank you for sharing it with us! ~Dan~