Thursday, April 22, 2010


Ok, this is a new one to me...

Gina, at has added me to her list of bloggers to continue this game. I'm to choose the 6th photo I posted on my blog, tell when I started blogging, and explain what I would change or how I might update my blog or posts, then list 10 other bloggers I think would play along. Here goes:
The butterfly on the right is the 6th picture I posted when my blog was new. It's a symbol that reminds me of my brother. I had just learned how to add music to my blog and chose "Butterfly Kisses" as one of my songs. It has a very special meaning to my family and me. I can't hear it without thinking of Bud (Karl), my younger brother who, on June 3, 2000, suddenly departed this life at the age of 46. My nieces' friends sang that song to the family at my brother's funeral. It was a sweet offering of their time and talent.
As for when and why I began blogging....
My first post was on May 17, 2008. I'd often thought about blogging, but was hesitant because I wasn't sure I'd be able to write anything people would want to read. Then one day, after sorting through all manner of musty greeting cards, old school papers, and other things I'd saved for decades, I decided to throw most of those things away and begin something new. I thought, why not start a blog? I love to write, tell stories, and share thoughts and opinions. I reasoned that no one would ever be forced to read my ramblings and no one had to agree with my opinions, so I began expounding.
What would I change or how might I update my blog?
If I was starting this blog today, I'd try to be more concise in my posting, not ramble so much, but rather tell my story and get on with it. I'd add more photos of items I'd crafted myself, and learn how to post some simple patterns. Hmmm...I can try to do those things from now on, can't I?
10 bloggers that might continue the game:
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Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

thanks for sharing your thoughts and playing along Kady..:)

Cat Haven Crafts said...

Likes your blog today!


Actually--I would not change anything about your blog--to me it is perfect just the way it is--I always look for an update and am always uplifted when I visit--so just keep on keeping--well--you could bake me some cookies!!!!
Hugs, and Smiles--Di