Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I recently sent an email to a good friend. I'd like to share some of what I expressed to him. My friend is someone who always offers help and is very empathetic to the needs of others. I can't repay him for things he's done for me and I'll share some of those stories another time. This friend has had some serious health challenges through the years but remains optomistic about life. Today I was thinking about what he's gone through and what we all go through from time to time. I decided to take personal inventory and embrace how I truly feel about this life which with I've been blessed. I hope my friend will not mind if I share some contents of my email to him. In part:

"...April is the time of year when I think about all the help you gave me in petting tigers for my 50th birthday. I will never forget that as long as I live. I'm so grateful you helped me make those connections. What an experience! I can't believe that was nearly 10 years ago. I'm coming up on another milestone birthday and can scarcely comprehend I'm going to be 60 in August. Like you said in an email a few years ago - I feel like a younger person trapped in an older person's body. When I saw you the other day, I said the alternative to growing old isn't so great, so I guess we're stuck with aging. Actually, I still feel every day is a blessing and I know you feel that way too..."

And that IS the way I feel. Sometimes each of us has health, finance, or relationship challenges, but in the end, aren't we simply grateful to be alive?

"...It may have taken many years for me to realize this, but I've learned it's not the big booming celebrations that make life worthwhile and it's not the hectic schedules and routines that make life meaningful. It's the everyday stuff that allows for a well lived life - those small surprises like running into a good friend in the grocery store, a beautiful sunset to enjoy at the end of the day, finding a "treasure" at the thrift shop, having a dear friend call at just the right time, being given a good health report, having enough to pay the monthly bills even though there's not much left over afterward, and having the faith that no matter what comes, we'll be ok.

These days I'm doing more things I want to do and fewer things I feel I have to do. There are still some basic things for which I'm responsible, but I now enjoy browsing through thrift shops and bookstores, sewing or sitting quietly in my backyard cabin, reading (which I didn't often take time to do), baking cookies for the grandkids and neighbors, and making sure my rescued kitties stay well and happy. Despite a few of my own health challenges lately, life is still good! We're still standing, right?..."

And that is exactly how I feel about it. None of us has been promised a smooth path or a life free from worry and care. We're not assured of optimum health or exceedingly long lives so we need to make the best of every day we have. There's a saying that has become a cliche`, but it's true - "Today is a gift, that's why it's called the PRESENT". Enjoy your present.


Cat Haven Crafts said...

I think the word "simplify" is one of the greatest words we have. If only we could also learn to live that way! Sigh!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

love all that you wrote..and it is nice to be reminded on occasion..thank you for the little pearls of wisdom..;)

Kas said...

I so agree about the power of now, Have a look at a book Called the POWER OF NOW by Eckhart Tolle. In it he states he has lived with many zan masters, all of them cats. How so right he is.