Thursday, April 1, 2010


Here are my most recent thrift store "finds". They are not necessarily things I needed, but I've become more careful about purchasing items I will use rather than things that will sit in bags or boxes until sent to their next lives.
The wooden box is going to be used to display fabric candy canes or other ornaments during craft shows - the double wooden picture frame will be perfect for my grandkids' photos - the sweet little log cabin quilt is being used for my Easter display in the living room, as are the little yellow tin and the wooden bear with ears.
The wooden shops were painted by an artist I've known for years, as was the little Easter bear. The painter, Joy Quilty, named the shops after favorite local places. I'm always saddened to find those kinds of things at the thrift store, but happy they'll have a good home here. The folk art cat has found a place among other cats on top of the chest in which I store fabric. The vintage cookbooks, Singer sewing machine book, and the black tin with roses on the lid will either be used in arrangements I will sell or they'll grace my kitchen and sewing rooms. The little black tin has "Old Reliable Coffee and Tea" on the bottom.
It's fun to browse thrift shops, though many times I leave empty-handed. Sometimes I'm actually relieved when I don't find anything. In the end, the things I drag home can always be given back. I spend very little - the total cost of all items in the photo was under $10.00. For example, the four McCall's cookbooks were marked 40 cents each but I shopped on a half-price day. The wooden candy box had been marked $4.50, but I bought it half-price too. The little quilt was only 59 cents and the tin with roses was 49 cents.
As long as there are treasures to be found, I'll be searching.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I have the same kitty..he came with a larger orange kitty...have had them for em at a gift/craft store..great minds think alike..I love the wooden candy box...great finds..:)


I just changed my mind about NJ and will come to Ohio instead---I wanna find some of those "neat" treasures, too!!!!
give all MY kitties a hug---how is everyone doing???
Hugs, Di