Monday, March 29, 2010


I'll try to not make this too long, but I have to share the background information about this cat shelf. A fews years ago, my sister and I drove our mother to Kentucky to visit her sisters - our Aunt Viola, who had traveled there from West Virgina, and Aunt Maxine, who had lived in Kentucky all her life. We spent the night at Aunt Maxine's home and didn't want to add to her work load, so my sister and I took our used linens to the laundromat in town. While waiting for sheets to dry, we were looking through magazines and I found one that featured the cat shelf. I asked someone about taking the magazine with me and she said to go right ahead. I'd been smitten with the shelf and had every intention of ordering one, but after I arrived home from our trip, I misplaced the magazine. Though I never forgot about the shelf, I stopped searching for one since I didn't even remember the name of the magazine or know who had published it.
Last year I found the magazine - it was about 5 years old by then. Yes, I keep some favorite publications that long. I emailed the company but didn't receive a reply, so I looked up the phone number and made a call. I was told the items featured in that magazine were no longer available and hadn't been for quite awhile. I wasn't surprised. Due to my lack of organizational skills, I'd lost the opportunity to own that shelf. On a whim last year, I checked Ebay and typed, "wooden cat shelf with pegs", into the search bar. I was stunned to see MY shelf in the list of possibilities shown on the computer screen! The shelf was listed as a "buy it now" item. I bought it right then and received it a week later.
Though I was thrilled to finally have the shelf, I never chose a place to hang it. Now that's just plain crazy. The shelf with the cute cats matches the birdhouses I display in my backyard cabin, but I haven't room on the walls in there to hang another shelf unless I rearrange some things. Of course I could do that, but my procrastination gene automatically kicked in and all this time the shelf has lived in the guest room closet. I pulled it out today and decided I needed to use it or sell it. Sometimes when I obtain something I've longed for, that's the end of it. I store craft books, fabric, patterns, vintage notions . . . and the cat shelf. I'm not sure why I do that. It's as if the goals are in obtaining the items more than in using them. Good grief, I really AM a crazy cat lady.



Hi--love the cat shelf story--I think it happens to all of us--we just have to have something--and then once we get it--it gets put in a closet or something and never does get used or it is a while before we use it!!!! But I have come to realize that it is still doing it's main job--"collecting dust"!!!!
So happy to hear Rusty has a new home--good for him!!
Hugs, Di

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

cute shelf!!! now get off your duff and get it hung..:)