Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I can't seem to go anywhere without having some kind of adventure. I went down into town Monday to have a spare key made for one of our vehicles. Spouse had called the locksmith and had been assured he had a key form that would work.
When I arrived at the shop, a time-worn little man came out and asked if he could help me. I told him what I needed and that my spouse had called. He searched for a key form and seemed puzzled. He shuffled to the back room and I heard him on the phone asking someone about the key. He came back to the counter and called someone else, and asked advice on making that particular key. It was beginning to look like I was in for an adventure, as always. Spouse never seems to run into these types of things.
The man aparently found what he needed and went into the back room to grind the key. When he came out, he handed me the key and I paid for it and left. I had parked behind the shop and apparently the man went out the back door because he met me at my car. He asked if I knew how to use the new key. What? He said there was a special way to set it and he wasn't sure I could do it, so he insisted on doing it for me. I'm sure he was trying to be helpful.
I noticed a little dog had followed him to my car and I asked if it was his. He said, "He's a nice little dog but he belongs to these boys". I hadn't seen any boys, but just then, two little characters came walking around the back of the shop. As my luck would have it, the key didn't fit, so the man went back into his shop to grind it some more. I was left outside with the boys and their little dog.
One of them asked my name and I told him. He said his name was Daniel and I asked the other boy his name. In halting speech, he said his name was Ronnie and told me the dog's name was JoJo. Ronnie was a little bit difficult to understand and I realized he had some challenges. It was so sweet to watch the boys interact. Daniel was helping Ronnie with his numbers and colors. He was so patient and loving toward his friend and Ronnie was very receptive to the help. Both were smiling and seemed oblivious to their differences.
I noticed there was a tent set up in the small sideyard and asked if they had camped there overnight. They said they hadn't and explained the tent was just for play. I was invited inside to sit with them and their little dog. As I entered the tent, I thought of my own backyard "tents" from childhood. Though mine were made from old bedspreads and sheets hung over our clothesline, they were every bit as cozy and inviting as Daniel and Ronnie's real one.
The locksmith returned and tried the key again. It fit that time. Daniel, Ronnie, and JoJo peered intently into the car as the locksmith set the key to the ignition. Once it was done, I thanked the man, told the boys I was glad to have met them, petted JoJo one last time, and left for home.
I keep thinking about Daniel and Ronnie. They seemed to be good friends and were very accepting of each other, despite their differences. Why can't we adults be more like them?


michelle said...

what a good little adventure you had,made me laugh about the part that it never happens to your I'm the same way never fails always get the wobbly broken down buggy at walmart and everytime i swear I get clothes at sams club (and youd think I would check by now,but get excited the hubby is getting something new for me)that i always get the one without a tag.then stand for ten minutes waiting to get price.what a touching story of two little friends and their pup jojo.have agreat day sweetie.god bless michelle

Cat Haven Crafts said...

What a grand adventure you had! Thanks for sharing it. It brought a smile to my face!


Loved your adventure--how sweet of you to take the time to visit and enjoy these two boys and their pup--thank you!
hugs, Di