Monday, May 10, 2010



When I ushered the cat clans into their rooms this evening, I counted tails and knew one was missing but she always hides. It was Annie, one of the feral kittens. She and her littermates have been brave to come upstairs with the other cats but they hide when it's time to return to their rooms. The other cats had gone downstairs and I assumed Annie had gone down with Gracie and Timmy. They're nearly inseparable. None of them wants me to get out the dreaded towel for cat capture, so I don't usually have a problem.
Monday night was different. I had made an assumption even though I know better than to do that. My assumptions have been wrong sometimes. When I thought I had every cat secured, I'd let out the big cat chasing dog. She ran down the hallway as if on a mission, but I wasn't worriedm though I should have been. I let her outside for a potty break, then Spouse came home and Mandy (the dog) ran around excitedly. For whatever reason, she didn't detect the kitten hiding under the table, nor did I.
After supper, as Mandy lay at Spouse's feet napping, I was shocked to see a dark form dart from under the table and run down the hallway. I whispered to Spouse and asked him to reach down and grab hold of Mandy's collar because we had a cat on the loose. He did that and within a couple seconds, Mandy sensed what was happening. She'd caught a glimpse of Annie and was ready to give chase. Spouse had her under control and led her to the kennel cage.
Annie ran into this room and hid under the desk. I closed the door and waited patiently for her to come out on her own, but she didn't. We moved some furniture and I pulled out the dreaded towel. Spouse was able to catch her when she tried to climb the blinds on the window. She let out a mournful cry, though she wasn't being hurt. We spent a few minutes calming her then he carried her down the stairs.
While we were downstairs, Spouse suggested we bathe Dixie and I agreed it was time. I grabbed the dreaded towel again and even Dixie knew what that meant. She ran and hid too, but her room was so small I was able to catch her. I'd been planning to bathe her weeks ago but wanted her spay and bullet removal incisions to completely heal first. I also needed to schedule a time when Spouse was home because I was sure I couldn't handle her alone.
Dixie was vocal about her bath but didn't resist. The best part of the evening was being able to hold her and love her after she was clean. I'd wanted to do that for so long. I swabbed her eyes and ears while I had her wrapped in the towel. She snuggled into her clean bed after I let her down on the floor. She had purred the whole time we bathed her and was purring as I held her. I told her from now on things would get better and better.
Tonight I introduced Dixie to Betsy, a very timid but loving kitty. Betsy and her three tiny kittens were thrown out of a moving car a few years ago. All found loving forever homes. I receive updates and photos of the two brothers and cat-sit for their little sister from time to time, so I know they're all well cared for and happy. I think Dixie and Betsy will eventually be good friends. I love them both. They deserve more than they initially received from life. Maybe I can make it up to them.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

what a beautiful kitty..I am so glad she let you bathe her..I know she probably feels so much better are such a wonderful cat mama..;)

Quilts and Cats said...

The night sounds like it was pretty hectic. Dixie's first bath was a pleasant experience and that will be a good thing in the long run. She sooo cute!

Carmen at Primcatshouse said...

Ahhhh... the small moments that make taking care of ferals so worth it! ((((Kady)))) ((((Dixie))))


Cat Haven Crafts said...

You are a great mama kitty! Your post about Dixie made me smile and sniffle a little!.


I have to say--I have never had to bathe a cat--but you make it sound rather easy!!! I have come to love Dixie too along with Annie, Gracie, Timmy and and and!!!!!
Oh who is Betsy????/
hugs, Di

Keri said...

It's an amazing feeling when a feral finally decides that everything is going to be okay. :0)