Thursday, May 20, 2010


What a night. Though MomCat was tucked safely in her little room last night, her older kitten - I'm calling him Sonny - remained outside. The weather was cold, damp, and foggy. The last thing I wanted to do was go out and keep checking an empty cat trap but I had to. Thoughout the night I checked every two hours, until 3am. I'd set the trap so I could get Sonny inside and take him to the P.A.L. clinic this morning. He was supposed to be in by midnight so I could make sure he had nothing to eat for eight hours prior to surgery. Right. To say he was stubborn would be putting it mildly. Somehow he managed to get inside the trap, eat the food, and back out of it without tripping the door - two separate times. I'd made a food trail that led to the metal trip plate but so help me, the little stinker ate up to it and around it, never stepping ON it.
Around 1:30 am I was exhausted but still praying I'd be able to catch him. I was determined to catch him, so I went back to the food station where I'd set the trap and smeared stinky canned cat food all over the inside of that trap, and on the metal trip plate. I reasoned that Sonny had been successful twice so perhaps he was getting braver about stepping inside the trap. I came home and took a short nap, then went back down to check the trap around 3am. I couldn't believe my eyes. There he sat INSIDE the trap with the door closed. Success at last!
I had to leave Sonny in the trap (inside the garage) overnight. I hated to do that, but the chances of getting him into a cage last night, then into a carrier this morning were very slim. He was agitated and combative as it was. By the time I had him home, it was 3:30 am and he'd need to be inside the trap for only a few hours. I place an old thick towel under the trap and tried to touch him through the wires. He'd have none of that. So I told him goodnight and went to bed. I didn't sleep well though. I couldn't stop thinking about those kittens that disappeared.
This morning Sonny was much calmer, though complaining. He tolerated the ride to the clinic well and has probably been neutered by now. I'm to pick him up at 3pm. He'll stay here for about 24 hours or until I'm sure he's ok, then I'll release him in the spot he was captured. I don't imagine he'll know what this was all about, but I'll have some inner peace knowing he won't be able to make kittens in the future.
P.S. The P.A.L. organization gave Sonny vaccinations today and told me he would need to go back for a booster in two weeks. I hadn't anticipated that, but he'll stay here until I take MomCat in for spaying and vaccinations on June 11th.


Carmen at Primcatshouse said...

Sonny sure is a handsome little man. He'll be mych more handsome once he's snipped though! Good job! Your purrrrrsistance paid off!


Heather said...


You are a true hero in my book. I wish people would get their dogs and cats spayed or neutered. Millions die in shelters every year, it breaks my heart. I've rescued two labs and a cat from shelters and you know that they are forever grateful that you saved their life.
I wish you much success in your efforts.

"The heart of a man can be judged by his treatment of animals".

"Life is as precious to a mute creature as it is to man".

michelle said...

hes so handsome,i just sent u an email and got on and seen u got him good job.have a great night and try to get some sleep.blessings michelle

Michele said...

Hi Kady!
I am so happy that Sonny has found a safe haven with you. Your love and commitment to these kittens is quite commendable!
I hope that you catch up on your sleep soon. You did real good. God Bless. ~.~

Cat Haven Crafts said...

Yipee! I'm so glad Sonny's adventures ended in success. He is adorable. Thank you, Kady, for your committment to these little furry bundles. Sleep well tonight.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

he is beautiful...what a gal you are to make sure you got him...I hope and pray those precious babys are okay..:)

Anonymous said...

Sonny is gorgeous, so glad you were able to get him. We have new kittens around here too. Haven't been able to find where they are, I've been watching for momma kitty so I can follow her, but I haven't seen her. I have another one inside the house now that should be birthing anyday. I plan to get her spayed as soon as she weans her babies. I sure hope you can find the babies you are looking for. Good luck!!

Karen said...

His eyes are so bright and his coloring is beautiful. He definitely looks like Sonny to me. I am so glad you were determined to catch him and get him neutered. Kady, you are truly an angel sent from God to take care of the cats in your neighborhood. God Bless you for having such a big heart to care for all these cats and kittens.
Hope you get some rest tonight.


Yes---you did it---great for you!!!
sonny is really a handsome boy--to bad he could not be taught to love--but I guess we do need some of them outside to catch mice and such!!!
glad Momma is doing well too!!
will keep praying for the babies--maybe someone picked them up and giving them homes!!!
get some rest---you have done a great job--
Hugs, Di

Carol said...

Hallelujah! He sure is a beauty. Well, with that behind you now you can rest easy on the matter of more kitties. Although tough sometimes, patience is a virtue, yes?

Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

Good for you! Sonny is beautiful and so lucky to have you to take care of him.

pammi said...

yeah im so happy you got him! hes beautiful! cant wait to get this momma cat fixed and her kittens they are in their 5th week they are doing the litter box and eating and she only nurses a few times. they are growing up so fast! prayers youll find the others! ♥