Wednesday, May 19, 2010


MomCat is doing fine. This morning I took her out of the cage and put her into the small bathroom Dixie used when she was in isolation. She's still scared, but sweet as can be. She allows me to pet her, then purrs like a motor. She let me check her tummy today too. Unfortunately, she's full of milk. That indicates no kittens have been nursing lately, which means something is wrong. The neighbors have not seen the remaining kittens for two days. I spent time out in the woods yesterday and today looking for signs of them and found none. They seem to have vanished. Anything could have happened to them, or they could simply be afraid to come out of hiding, but I thought if they were in the woods they would surely have been mewing. I heard nothing, no mews, no rustling of leaves or twigs, nothing. I prayed to find them in whatever condition they might be, so I could have some closure and sleep tonight.
Today brought some good news in the way of an amazing coincidence. A representative from the Pet Advocate League (PAL) called this morning, moments before I attempted to call her. How did that happen? She inquired about MomCat. About six weeks ago I'd taken her to be spayed but she couldn't have surgery because she was nursing kittens. When I told the representative I'd humanely trapped MomCat last night, she was shocked that it coincided with her call. So was I. MomCat needs to be here for two weeks before she can be spayed. Her appointment is June 11th.
I was told if I could trap MomCat's older kitten, he could be taken in for neutering in the morning. I reset the trap this afternoon, but the little stinker is sitting up there near the trap, looking at the canned cat food inside it. I need Divine intervention here. It appears the remaining kittens are gone and though I'm heartbroken over that, I have to be realistic and do what I can for the ones I know are still out there. This little guy needs to be neutered. He needs to get into the humane trap tonight by midnight so I can be sure he has nothing to eat afterward. When I checked on him at 8pm, he was still sitting near the trap. I had left a trail of canned cat food leading directly inside the trap and he ate all the food up to the metal plate he needed to touch in order to bring down the door. He must have backed out of the trap. How did he become so smart? I'm not going to give up on him. He's stubborn but I think he may have met his match.



My thoughts and prayers are with you on this "mission"---those kittens could still be around--maybe by tomorrow they will be crying for you to find them---I hope so!!! So very glad to hear that momcat is adjusting sooo well--you just have the charm--that's all and they do sense that !!@
Hugs Di

Carol said...

Oh my, can't find the babies huh? Well, sometimes they don't make it for whatever the reason. It's sad, but nature's way I think. I sure hope you catch that little critter for his trip to the vet. They are pretty clever. Good Luck to you Kady:)

Anonymous said...

Just happened upon your blog and love it! What a caring person you are my kinda a lady when it comes to animals.....oh, and I'm as old as dirt to!

Anonymous said...
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Cat Haven Crafts said...

Wonderful news about Momcat! Do you think she can be domesticated or will you let her return to being feral once she is spayed? I am so sorry to here about the kittens, though. My heart aches for you, too! Regarding the little guy, maybe sardines would work??? :)