Tuesday, May 18, 2010


This was not an easy day. I had to think about how to post about what happened this morning. There is no delicate way to express it.
I received a disturbing call about the feral cat in the neighborhood and her kittens. I won't list details, but suffice it to say a caring neighbor informed me the mama cat about which we'd been so concerned did indeed have a litter of four kittens but two did not survive their first outing. They looked to be about six weeks old and I had caught my first glimpse of them last night at dusk as they trailed along after their mama. She was headed to a neighbor's home where she knew she'd find food and water. When a friend and I went to look for them, hoping for a rescue opportunity, they were nowhere to be found. Mama cat keeps them hidden and no one in our area knows where they are. My goal is to take in the kittens now that that I'm sure they're old enough to be without their mama. I want to tame them and get them into an adoption program. Another goal is to humanely trap the mama cat and have her spayed. I still plan to pursue those goals but my heart is broken tonight. My spouse went out in the rain to bury the kittens that didn't survive, and so we take a deep breath and continue trying to rescue those that did. I realize there is no way to save them all, so I'm trying to comfort myself with the knowledge those kittens knew their mama's love for their very short lives. No one had abused or frightened them. They had been loved and nurtured, though not by me. Apparently that was not to be. I set the humane trap today but brought it home empty tonight.

I won't stop trying to help this feral feline family. Tomorrow is a new day and another chance to rescue them. The photo is not the feral mama cat in my neighborhood though it looks exactly like her. Three of the neighborhood cat's kittens are white with black spots like the ones pictured, and one is black with white spots. I most definitely do not need more cats and kittens, but I can't stand by and do nothing. It's just not in me. I'm very fortunate to have a spouse who seems to support my need to help cats. I can't say he always understands, but he doesn't complain about my cat rescue adventures and when we lose one, he prepares a resting place without questioning why I feel the need to provide it.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Oh Kady, I know you are doing everything in your power to help that mama and her kittens..and to know that the ones that didn't survive got a decent burial and that you are your kind neighbor are fighting for the ones that are left..I will say a prayer that you can capture them to help them..;)

michelle said...

oh dear kady hang in there sweetie,your doing everything u can which is more than most can say.i tell the girls all the time everyone should have there pets fixed,that way they can show there love and dedication to that one instead of of it having a ton of babies that someone will neglect and not care for.bless u for all your efforts.god bless michelle

TheRustyThimble said...

Kady I wish you luck in the adventure. My mother 88 years old lives in a small mobil home park. There are several of these cats, it is sort of in the country. Well she has always fed and loved them and somehow taught them to take shelter close by so nobody will hurt them. Lets just say she has loved so many kittens it is unreal they all come to her porch for food and she takes good care of them. Nobody seems to mind them being around they live by a heavy brushed field and a creek *running always full* is behind her. And she teaches the kiddos in the park not to bother them that they are not tamed. She is the only one the cats trust. I hope you save them, people can be so cruel to these animals. It is so sad that people get pets and then do not want them and turn them out like they do.

Carmen at Primcatshouse said...

It's so hard to do what we do sometimes. And sometimes no matter how far we reach out we still lose them in our fight to save them. Though it's not the outcome you had hoped for may you have a small ammount of peace knowign that the kittens that went to the bridge will not face a feral life on the street like thier mama did. Hopefully soon you'll be posing about catching the remaining kittens and thier mama.

Anonymous said...

I will be praying that you can put this family in your warm heart today. We have 2 pregnant ferals in our neighborhood, I keep an eye on the daily, I can pet them so I am hoping to get them inside to have the kittens. We have too many 'Toms' in the neighborhood for them to have a safe haven. Good luck today.

Cat Haven Crafts said...

Dear Kady,
God bless you for what you do. Your heart is so big! Thank you for giving the little guys a decent burial and for giving the others a chance for a better life!