Tuesday, May 18, 2010



This day was better than yesterday, but I'm still wondering if I'm doing the right thing for the feral cats. Of course in my heart and mind, humanely trapping them and having them spayed and neutered is the correct thing to do.

I caught mama cat in the humane trap tonight. This is the third time she's been captured. I had to release her the other times because she was nursing kittens. I'd been trying to catch her older kitten from last fall's litter when MomCat wandered into the trap herself. I took her to the vet and learned she was nursing so I had to let her go. I was so worried I had caused her to lose the kittens because they were without her for about six hours. I didn't know she had delivered and couldn't tell she had been nursing. The kittens survived that ordeal and I was relieved, but the flip side of that was the neighborhood would soon be dealing with more feral kittens, and more, and more.

MomCat is now in a small holding cage, safe and sound, but very upset, which is to be expected. She'll have to be inside for about two weeks or until we're sure she has no milk left. The vet won't spay her until then. I was not able to catch her two remaining kittens. I didn't see them at all today. MomCat and her older kitten were at their regular feeding station this afternoon and evening. I don't know where the kittens were hiding when the two cats were eating. I followed them to the wooded area at the end of the road, hoping to find the kittens, but MomCat immediately vanished. The older kitten watched me for a few minutes as I tramped around in the wet grass, then he also disappeared. I set the trap at the feeding station and came home. When I checked the trap tonight, MomCat was inside it.

I know for sure the younger kittens are eating solid food and I tell myself it's now safe to keep MomCat inside until she's spayed. She'll be released a couple days after surgery. Feral kittens are generally able to fend for themselves sooner than hand-raised kittens, but I'm still worried about them. The longer I wait to get their mama spayed, greater is the chance she'll become pregnant again - if she's not already. I don't know if I'll get another chance to catch her.

Her kittens look to be at least six weeks old, maybe older, so I'm hoping and praying they will continue to go to the neighbor who feeds them. They have their older sibling with them and I think he'll continue to stay with them and lead them to food and water. I hope he will. I wish I knew for sure this is the right thing to do. She has to be spayed and this cycle of feral cats in my neighborhood has to come to an end, as does the heartache it causes when I can't save them. I'm praying for the best ending for all of us - the cats, the kittens, and me.


Carmen at Primcatshouse said...

You are absolutely doing the right thing! I know it's hard because you have to worry about the kittens too... but like you said this is your chance to stop Mama cat from getting pregnant again. And you knwo how quickly ferals get knocked up again... often while they are still nursing thier last litter. Trust that you are ending the cycle... you will catch the kittens soon. Hugs, Carmen

michelle said...

oh kady your breaking my heart sweety,i totaly agree with carmen u are doing the right thing,im sure u will catch the others but if u dont just think of all the future ones u r saving since u are getting her fixed.god bless u for that.its very comendable(please let me get that big word spelled right lol)what u r doing not many people would do what u are .ur there guardian angel.(remember we talked of guardian angels)hang in there sweety .blessings and a big hug michelle

Cat Haven Crafts said...

You are such a soft-hearted warrior! But you are doing the right thing for MomCat and her kittens. Hopefully, their kitty guardian angel will stay close by until MomCat is home again. God Bless!

mornings322 said...

Blessings for you and the kitties.

It breaks my heart to see strays anywhere knowimg that someone will hurt them or they may fall to harm.

Thank you for what you do for them.

Blessings and hugs



Oh Kady--I am soooo excited that you have the mom cat---I have prayed hard all day that she would be guided into that cage---I think if you keep setting the cage you will get the others too---so hang in there--in the mean time--Momma will settle down--she is just worried like you about her babies---you she will feel your love and concern and she will be ok!!! OH and yes you are doing the right thing and then some-my dear friend!!! I was just reading an article in a cat magazine last night about ferral cats and that it is important to get them fixed and then to release them back--and they --the vet--should clip one ear alittle as that is a sign for others to know that that cat has been fixed--they also talked about keeping the cage covered or mostly covered---it makes the cat feel safer!!! Hugs, Di