Monday, June 21, 2010


Here are more photos of my home. Many of the things with which I decorate come from thrift stores or are gifts from family and friends. The quilt shelf was made by a local woodworker.

This is one of my livingroom walls. My furniture is red and green woven plaid and though the quilt looks pinkish in this photo, it's actually different shades of red and green prints.
These hang in the entryway of my home. I found the sheep and angel at an Ohio gathering of Primitive and Rustic forum friends. We met in Holmes County, Ohio.
This is an old birdhouse wreath I bought at a craft show many moons ago. It's getting a little raggedy, but that makes it all the more primitive looking.

These are some of my favorite tins. I keep crackers in the Ritz tin, oats in the Quaker tin, and so on. The little animal cracker tin is a bank.

This is my cookbook shelf. Do you think I have enough of them? The vintage cake saver on the top was my mom's. She found it in her basement and asked if I wanted it. She didn't have to ask twice. I found the Campbell's Soup mugs at a little thrift store Germantown, Ohio. They were priced 4 for $1.00. While browsing through another thrift shop, I found a Campbell's Soup recipe box and cookbook. The Campbell's Soup items remind me of my childhood. One Christmas I received a Campbell's Soup stove toy. It came with a real can of soup, a little sauce pan, an apron, chef's hat, and a stirring spoon. I don't know what happened to it but I liked playing with it. I saw one just like it in Waynesville one day but couldn't bring myself to pay the $49 price for it.
I previously posted a picture of this old crate with the potholders and tin, but this is how it looks on my kitchen/diningroom wall. The muffin tins are Ovenex. I love their bumpy texture.

I found the red and white handstitched quilt at the Main Street Emporium in town. The vintage coffee pots and sifter on the shelf came from thrift stores. The crock was a gift from my sister. It's decorated with a cat and the words, "Nana's House". I bought the wooden spoons at a farm auction - $2.00 for the lot.

My home isn't primitive but I do have a few primitive and vintage touches. I see these things every day and tend to not think they're very special, and they certainly weren't expensive. I truly enjoy searching for things that might enhance my living space and I'm very grateful for what I have. I'm also thankful I have a spouse who doesn't complain about my thrifting habits. He seems to like how I use my found treasures in our home.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I love all your treasures and that cherry cloth you have with your cookbooks..I have it too..they were my moms..I made curtains with them once..i think I gave them to my sister..I still have one though need to put it on my stove...we have so much in common...guess thats why I love ya.;)

Debra said...

How wonderful!