Sunday, June 20, 2010


Sometimes I can't imagine why people give away perfectly wonderful treasures. But then, a treasure truly is in the eye of the beholder. Here are the treasures I found on my most recent thrift shop excursion. I have a standing appointment with my allergist every other Wednesday to receive three allergy injections. I pass two thrift shops on the way, and another is just down the road from the allergist's office, so that is my day for treasure hunting. You can click on each photo for a closer look.

I found all of these, except the mug, at the same shop. My sister gave me the mug a few years ago and the bowl matched it perfectly. Both bowls appeared to be brand new. Each had an Elder Beerman (local department store) price tag on the bottom. The large bowl had been $25 and the smaller one, $14. There are no chips, cracks, or crazing on either one. I paid $2.99 for the large bowl and $1.99 for the one with gingerbread men. I'm already planning to use the big bowl for stirring up Christmas cookie dough. The little stand was a thrift store find as well for $2.99. It folds up and reminds me of some little chairs my mom had for us kids. I'll use it in the cabin or as a display piece for craft shows.
You know me and cats - I saw these and had to have them. I have four snack plates and four mugs with the exact cat design. I love these! They seem brand new too - 79 cents each.

I love finding things that match what I already have.
This is a hard-bound Gooseberry patch book - for $1.99. It looked as if it had never been opened. Gooseberry Patch books are always full of crafts, recipes, and decorating tips.

When browsing thrift shops, I constantly ask myself, "Will I actually use this?" If the answer is "yes", I go ahead and buy it. I can always pass it along if I tire of it or stop using it. Two weekends ago, Spouse and I gave away many things we'd stored and not used for awhile. Our church was holding a rummage sale and we let go of a lot of things. I think that's why I have no guilt about buying a few treasures. I now have room for them!


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I know---it is so strange what other people think isn't worth keeping. And also strange is how they mark things in Goodwill/thrift stores. It has to be according to the markers tastes. I love your Gooseberry Patch book--I collect them. And it is good to see you found some to match what you already have. That's what I look for--to add to my collections or extra unusual to peak and hold my curiosity!
★ Linda ★

Hillcresthome Prims said...

You sure did well, I always say Someone's trash is MY treasure, isn't that the truth!!!!!You are sooo lucky I love gingerbreadmen, and i have some of those books also that I have gotten at a yard sale. I don't have that one, it looks like a good one!!
Have a great week!
Prim hugs,

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Hey Kady, I love what you found..and love those cat cups..I found a coffee mug for 49 cents..its out in my front garden..)


You did really good--love all those treasures--and I bet that things will taste better out of those "cat" glasses than just any ole glass???/
I too--do like you --as my taste change I send my stuff to a church sale or now i give it to the SPCA thrift shop just up the street!! Think that's what recycle is all about!!!!
Hugs, Di
PS Little sister went rummage saling on Sat--without me--booo!!! she will post her goodies this week on her site!

michelle said...

oh Kady those cups were made for u!great finds sweetie.the bowls r really nice too.have a great week .god bless michelle