Saturday, June 12, 2010


I'm very blessed to have friends who trust me to watch their precious furry companions when they're on vacation. My friend, Chris, and I are kindred spirits when it comes to cats, and I loved being asked to watch hers this past week. This is her beautiful home and some of her gardens. I don't have the gardening gene so I'll have to be content to admire other peoples' garden art.

Granddaughter already seems to have a way with cats. She instantly bonded with Taylor and he didn't seem to mind being held and cuddled.
She tells me she wants to rescue animals when she gets older. I think she could be a good groomer too. She was so gentle with Casey and the other cats. Putty was sitting on the arm of the chair waiting for her turn to be combed.
She loved being surrounded by Chris's cats. Casey is on the coffee table, Putty is the white cat next to the pillow, Taylor is in the foreground and Nubs is on the left guarding the catnip toys. Thank you, Chris, for allowing us to be in your home with your sweet kitties.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh those kittys are too precious and I love that your granddaughter loves them just as much as you do..her garden is gorgeous can come and sit my kittys any time..;)

Sherry said...

Granddaughters are so fun. I love the pictures of your garden. We are just starting to experience some sun so I am starting to snap pictures of what is blooming. Happy almost Summer!


Why does everyone else's gardens always look 'better' than our own!!!
Of course like you said -- they probably spend more time in there's!!!
love THE GRANDDAUGHTER and the cats--
If I could reach through he internet I would give her a hug!!!!
Hugs to you both and all the kitties!!!