Friday, June 11, 2010


It's a good thing no one saw Granddaughter and me trying to inflate the wading pool today. We thought it would be a cinch to do - boy, were we wrong. First, we tried using a tire pump. That was useless. We struggled to understand why air was escaping from both ends of the two-pronged nozzle. Finally, we found the problem and corrected it, but realized neither end of the nozzle was going to fit into the opening for inflating the pool. Next!
Spouse carries a smaller version of the manual tire pump in his bike pack so I found that, but had a terrible time trying to figure out how to get the tip of that nozzle into the opening for the pool. I finally gave up on that and put the pump back where I'd found it. Next!
I knew I'd seen Spouse use his air compressor many times and thought I could do it too, but at first, I couldn't even tell if it was plugged into an outlet. We had to move a heavy lawnmower, a rolling scooter-like car lift, and two bicycles, just to get to the compressor. It must have been 90 degrees inside the garage and I began to wonder what I'd gotten us into this time.
Granddaughter took the compressor hose off the wall and we thought we were in business, but one look at the nozzle on that hose told us we needed an adaptor. Where were we supposed to find one of those? I think Spouse's garage is a lot like my sewing room - he knows where his things are even if no one else does. We scrounged and finally found a suitable adaptor.
We applied the adaptor.....but where was the compressor's "on" switch? I found the correct lever but it wasn't doing the job. After all our searching, being drenched with sweat, getting our hands and clothes dirty, and fighting off spiders, we were about to give up and wait for Granddad to come home, when Granddaughter called to me, "Nana, I found a little red button. Do you think that might help us?" - I wasn't sure, but told her to push it and then stand back. Voila! The old compressor began to chug away.
We spent over an hour in that hot garage looking for what we needed, but it actually took only about 2 minutes to fill all three rings of that pool. In the end, we were thrilled with our success. I drug the pool to the backyard and asked Granddaughter to take the hose from the front of the house into the backyard since I didn't think we had one back there. I was wrong again. After she diligently drug that big hose through the gate, we noticed a hose already hooked to the water spigot. When had we bought that? I'd no idea. I didn't have the heart to ask her to tote it back to the front, so I did that while the pool was filling. She couldn't wait to jump into the water and I couldn't wait to get inside the house to bask in the AC for a bit.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

kudos to you both for getting the job done..;) glad you both achieved it yourselves..hope she enjoyed it and that you enjoyed the AC..;)

michelle said...

oh what fun your havin isnt that always the way it goes,you should of seen me trying to figure out the weedwhipper luck on that one so i just gave up.too much for me to figure out and of course hubby was at should of got in with her.she looks like she had a blast.big smile on her face so job accomplished grandma.have a great weekend.god bless michelle

Anonymous said...

Ah Kady, what we wouldn't do for the gkids. I'm sure it was all worth it in the end, you both were rewarded with cool times.! Have a great weekend, and stand proud for figuring it all out.


The only thing you did "wrong" was not jumping in the pool with her--at that point I probably would of!!!!
Keep on having fun--that is what life is about!!!!
Hugs to you both--