Thursday, June 10, 2010


While my granddaughter and I were taking care of my friend's cats today, the resident felines were here playing upstairs. We completed a few errands and arrived back home around 3pm. I called the cats to come downstairs for feeding and all but one responded. After a couple tail counts, I realized the hold-out was Gracie, the little gray feral cat. I rescued Gracie and her littermates last October, after my neighbor poisoned the kittens' mother and most of the other cats I had befriended for months. I felt a bit triumphant to have saved the kittens and was sure I could tame them. That was eight months ago.
The feral cats have been spayed/neutered and cared for with all the love and patience I give the other cats I've rescued. Timmy is the only one of the three who acts as if he might eventually be able to trust me. He and his sisters play with the other cats - it's humans they don't trust. Tonight Gracie remained on the loose until about 9pm, when our dog found her hiding spot. We ushered the dog into her "house" (she chases cats) and spent more time than we'd like to admit trying to catch Gracie, while trying to not frighten her.
I still cannot believe one little cat bamboozled and eluded two fairly intelligent adults for hours. We turned this room upside down and she hid in places we didn't know existed. We had towels, gloves, and determination, and we each had her in-hand at various times, but she's a strong little cat, plus she bites. Our granddaughter seemed to enjoy the show, but it was frustrating to us. At one point, Granddaughter said something about there always being an adventure going on here. She doesn't know the half.
Tonight I'm pondering what to do with the feral cats. They deserve a good life every bit as much as any other cat does. There's no way I'd turn them loose outside. Not only is it against my nature to do so, I'd worry about them every minute. If only there were enough farms and cat barns for every poorly adjusted waif found and befriended by someone who can't look the other way.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

gosh you would think after this long they would learn to trust..but my sister had a cat that only allowed her to pet it and she was not a feral sometimes that is just the way it is..

Anonymous said...

So sad isn't it. Poor Gracie, but she really is a lucky lil girl to have found someone who will care for her needs with no strings attatched. I volunteer at our local shelter and it's amazing. Some people come in and really expect so much in return from a cat before they will condider adopting it. They ask tons of questions about each cat and won't even think about one with a little flaw. Sometimes I wonder why they come to adopt at all.
Then there are people like you, some of them ask......who's been here the longest (and they will take that one) no matter what the cat's story is.
Oh my gosh I'm sorry for rambling, but your story touched my heart. Hugs,Cathy

Cat Haven Crafts said...

Hi Kady,
It wonderful they have you to look after them. Would you consider adverstizing free cats to a good farm? I know many farmers would like a deal like that especially if the cat/kitty was already neutered and had its shots?