Saturday, June 19, 2010


OK...I thought I was doing fine taking photos this morning. Gina had mentioned she'd like to see more of my home and I was happy to oblige. As I downloaded (or is that "uploaded", I never know for sure) the photos and cropped them, I began to notice a strange theme - cobwebs! Did any of you ever take photos of your home and learn your walls needed to be washed and your cobwebs dusted? Geesh. Maybe I'm the only one who has those things. So...if you can please ignore the vintage cobwebs and primitive wall are some views from my home. Gina, these are for you. Guess what I'll be doing today. You can click on the photos for a closer your own risk.

This is my gingerbread corner. I made the little do-dad on the right - the hanging ladder with gingerman - I used to make those and sell them decades ago, so imagine my surprise when this one turned up in an antique store in which I was browsing. When I told the owner I'd made it, she gave it to me. How nice!

This is my Gooseberry Patch book corner. I have some ceramic cookie molds here and my gingerbread overflow lives in this shelf unit. My spouse made this hanging shelf for me. It was actually meant for the inside of my pantry door, but he forgot to leave a groove for the doorknob and was going to scrap this shelf and make a new one. I nearly fell over when he said that. I'm so glad he changed his mind. Maybe it was due to all the shrieking he heard.

This is my poor little cat-scratched hutch. It's nearly 40 years old and the only one I've ever had. When we bought a new table set, we gave away the colonial table and chairs that went with the hutch. We searched high and low for another hutch, but couldn't find an enclosed one that would hold all my "stuff". Although I've not presented them well, my mom's old blue Currier and Ives dishes live in this hutch along with some of her pink depression glass and vintage salt and pepper shakers. I wasn't trying to collect roosters, but my friend, Rachel, gave me the rooster and hen, then I started finding rooster pieces at thrift stores.

This is the view from my kitchen area. We have what used to be called a "country kitchen", in that the kitchen and dining areas are not separated. It's been great for entertaining, but we don't do much of that these days. Spouse made the yellow lighted house on the round table on the left. I just love it. I keep asking him to make some to sell at craft shows. The white compote on the table was my mom's. She had it for years and asked if I wanted it. It looks vintage to me. I don't know how old it is, but I like how it looks with the blue checked tablecloth, so its age doesn't matter.

I'll post more photos tomorrow. See what you caused Gina? Now I have to go wash down walls and remove those vintage cobwebs. It might help if I put on my glasses when I clean. (*v*)


michelle said...

when i see i have cobwebs i think of my sweet neighbors,they call them "hilbilly lace"have a great day and take care god bless michelle

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I like that--hillbilly lace. :)
I always say, " Dust is a protective coating for fine antiques."
I love your gatherings!
★ Linda ★

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

yeah what the two above me posted..I love the term hillbilly it..Thanks Kady for sharing..I can't wait to see more photos of your home..cobwebs/er hillbilly lace and that runner on your hutch the one I gave you? it looks nice..and oh I too have a hutch that our youngest pody lynn has scratched..had ducktape on the bottom to keep her from scratching it..took it off the other day and tried sanding it down..added some minwax...still gotta get my sander too it and really smooth it out..but hopefully she will leave it along..have a great weekend.:)

Quilts and Cats said...

My best friend used to call it "string art"...and we all have some of it! I don't think I'd want to visit anyone who didn't!
Your pictures are great and I look forward to seeing more.


I agree--I like the 'hillbilly-bunny --cow-webby things--wouldn't be comfortable in someones house with out some there---it shows that you have some other interests in your life beyond cleaning!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love all the neat pictures---and I think seeing as how you can't find another china cabinet--why not just paint this one black or a white to go with your other things???? And I love people who have checkered table cloths---way to go Kady---Hugs, Di

Cindy B said...

You have a real knack for putting it all together.. a lovely home!