Wednesday, September 15, 2010


This is Roxie, one of the older residents of Cat Town. She's a beautiful loving calico that was dropped at my sister's front door one winter day. My sis had a friend who was moving and said she could only keep one of her cats. She asked my sis to please take the "kitten" she had found. My sis and I cannot say 'no' to homeless kittens, so arrangements were made for the friend to drop off the kitten and my sister planned to keep it. The friend didn't show up nor did she call, but in the middle of the night my sister heard a cat crying outside. When she checked, there sat Roxie, very cold and very pregnant. It turned out, the "friend" had left town in the middle of the night but not before stopping by my sister's home and having her son drop the cat at the door. What a cowardly act.
My sis took Roxie in and called me the next day. She wanted to know if she could bring the little mama down here to have her kittens. I said it would be fine so Roxie came to live with me. One week after arriving at my home, she bore five gorgeous healthy kittens - Casey, Alex, Mickey, Emma, and Lucy. We found all of them loving homes. In fact, my kindred cat friend, Chris, took in Casey and I've been able to visit him when I've watched her cats while she's on vacation. After the kittens were safely in their new homes, we had Roxie spayed. She knows she has a forever home with us.
This handsome boy is Bigger Tigger. Strange name, right? We have two other tiger cats and he's larger than either of them, so he's a bigger tiger. That evolved into Tigger, then Bigger Tigger, or Big Tig for short. Someone apparently abandoned him in the woods behind our home. I was walking the dog one evening and kept hearing a cat mournfully crying. I called to the cat and here came Tig. He seemed so happy to have found someone who would help him. My dog is not cat-friendly, so I had to take her home before I could deal with the cat. I told Tig if he would stay right there, I'd be back with food and water. I don't expect everyone to believe that he did as I'd asked, but he truly did stay right there. I returned with food and he ate well. He began to purr and rub against my leg so I picked him up and realized he'd been neutered and his front paws had been declawed. He looked clean and healthy, and to this day I don't know why he was abandoned. I searched for his owner but never received that first call about him. So...he stayed here with me. He's a beautiful cat with the most piercing eyes, but he's also a bit of a trouble maker at times. He wants to be the alpha cat but we already have an alpha cat, so there have been a few altercations. Big Tig and Roxie get along very well together so when chaos breaks out among the other cat clan members, he and she become roomies.


Whimsey Creations said...

Your cats all look so clean and well cared for. Very loved!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I can't believe someone would just drop off a kitty pregnant no less when you already said yes..but I am thinking she didn't bother with the pregnancy detail and thought your sister would say no..don't get it..they are beautiful kittys..we have 3 alphas in our home..2 boys and one diva.;)

Cat Haven Crafts said...

Very interesting story! I'm glad Roxie had your home to go to. Both she and Big Tig are glorious looking kitties!

GailinVirginia said...

Kady, I love your happy kitty beautiful and healthy each looks. Sweet Mama, what a wonderful story and happily she is so young for you to enjoy for so many years. I have one big ole stray from across the, long story. He is so charming...he sleeps in everynight BUT never used the liter box we offered...he gets let out very we love him:)


Oh what sweet stories and what sweet kitties and a sweet Mom--Kady!!!
I wish at times I had room for lots and lots of kitties and pups and bunnies--oh and don't forget the goat for milking!!!! Someday!!!
bless you for loving all kitties!!
Hugs, Di

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I love the calico cats.
They are the pinto of the cat world.
Roxie is beautiful and happy and healthy--thanks to you and your Sis.
Some people should NEVER have pets.
Big Tig does have beautiful eyes!
St Francis must be smiling down on you, Kady!