Friday, October 8, 2010


This little guy is doing better every day. He and I enjoy play and bonding time after his meals and this morning he fell asleep in my arms. One minute he was batting at my fingers and the next, he was in dreamland. I spread a towel on the bathroom floor this morning so he would have a soft spot on whch to move and play, but instead of enjoying his freedom, he seemed frightened. He hid behind the wastebasket until I coaxed him to come to me. In order to make him feel more secure, I wrapped him in a soft washcloth, washed his face and head with a warm wet cloth, and cradled him like the sweet baby he is. Am I spoiling him? I should hope so!


Cat Haven Crafts said...

Tucker just melts my heart and you do too, the way you care for him! He is such a lucky Tucky!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I cry every time just hearing about this sweet precious little soul..he is just the cats meow!!! I wish I could hold this little guy...;)

dee begg said...

I think he's just the cutest. I guess when you're that small, the world looks so big and scary. He seems so happy in that last picture.


Anonymous said...

I believe you are doing a great job on spoiling him...he looks so happy and content in that last photo. What a little sweetheart he is!!