Saturday, December 4, 2010


It's snowing right this minute in Southwest Ohio. The flakes are big and beautiful and have covered the ground and rooftops with meringue frosting. I love snow, but it wasn't so lovely to drive through at 8:00 this morning as I took Tucker to the adoption center. He didn't seem frightened or upset in any way. That made me feel a little bit better about leaving him for the weekend, but I still had tears when I walked out the door. I wonder if Tucker thinks all kitties have weekend vacations.
On the way home from the pet adoption center I stopped at a church bazaar. The parking lot was full so I expected a big crowd and a good showing, but it was the saddest little bazaar I'd ever attended. The crafters must have all parked as close to the door as possible, thus the full lot. There were no Christmas ornaments to be found, no tree skirts or stockings, and no lively Christmas music playing. There was, however, lots of jewelry - mostly strings of beads with no clasps - some homemade candles, a booth with knitted booties, one with crocheted doll blankets, and a few tables filled with baked goods.
I nearly hit one woman with the door as I opened it to enter the church. Her space was so close to the door, she had to sit almost in front of it. Once inside, I was shocked to find only two other shoppers (browsers) besides myself. I think we were all trying to find something to purchase, just to be kind. I didn't find anything. There was a hand-printed sign with an arrow showing the way to "lots of other crafts" but all we found was a dark hallway with two vendors. Had I paid for one of those spots I surely would have been asking for a refund.
To be sure, those people had spent time and money on their wares and I can truly appreciate that. I spoke with many of them and all were pleasant as could be, but it was obvious the bazaar/show coordinators had not juried the crafters' items. I noticed was there were no coverings on any of the craft tables. Why wouldn't the crafters have brought tablecloths or sheets, if nothing else, and attempted to make an eye-pleasing presentation? That seemed very odd.
I don't claim to be a crafting expert, and perhaps over the decades my presentations and offerings haven't always lived up to someone else's expectations either, but I always tried to make sure I didn't offer anything for sale I wouldn't have used myself or given a gift. Maybe that's just me.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

We went to the same sad bazaar here last month..and it was all that "grandma" stuff..and some other things..very was just the vendors in there...I hope Tucker is doing well and as bad as I would love to see him stay with you..I hope he finds his forever home that will love him just as much as you do.;) I hope you are staying nice and toasty with all the snow..we woke up to frost this morning;)


Hi Kady--we are suppose to get lots of cold this week--high is only gonna be 27 degrees and 20 at night--and some snow--but not alot I guess--maybe I will be doubly glad I have a kitty so she can help keep me warm!!!!
I do hope that Tucker finds his forever home soon--he is such a sweety aren't they all when they are asleep!!!!
Hugs, Di and miss gracie