Sunday, December 5, 2010


This is the weekend I'd looked forward to, but dreaded at the same time. Tucker was adopted yesterday. I received the call a few minutes ago. A mother and her teen daughter arrived at the SICSA adoption agency late yesterday afternoon and the daughter saw Tucker. I was told when she held him and played with him, the bonding instantly began. The worker who oversaw the adoption told me it was amazing. I think it might have been a case of love at first sight for both of them. The family has a small dog and I feel sure Tucker will quickly adjust. He will love having a "sibling".
The SICSA worker said she had viewed my blog and suggested the family view it as well. She gave them my email address and the blog site location. When they read about him, I feel sure they will understand how much love and care their new little guy received - and how many loving "aunties" he's had along the way. If this is the day I hoped and prayed for, then why are all these tears flowing and why is there an ache in my heart? I dearly hope they'll let me know how he's doing.
Have a wonderful life little Tucker. I'm so happy you found your forever family. I love you and I miss you already.


Constance said...


I know just how you feel. We all love Tucker and I have loved watching him grow and thrive with the the sweet love and care you have given him. I will miss him too and I am glad that he has found his forever home and bless you for loving him and saving his life and making it possible for this special day that otherwise would not have happened for him.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have tears too. You saved a dear little sould when he needed it most. We have to think of the joy he will bring that family because of the love and care you gave him.

Thank you for sharing your special time with him with all of us. I am wishing the happiest of Holidays for you and your family.


Whimsey Creations said...

Aw it brought tears to my eyes too - no more cute little Tucker stories. Bless you for giving him such a good start in life - I'm sure he's going to have a happy rest of his life too. Hugs!

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

Ohhhh....Hugs dear - we are all missing Tucker too! Hope he is loved in his new home as much as you have loved him!
Merry Christmas dear!


I am sad for you--but very happy that Tucker is bonding with an older child who will be able to care for him as you have!
there will be more cat stories--there is still lots of your kitties in your home to share with us--and if I know "kady" another lost and hungry kitty will come across your path soon and you will need to have all that love for the new one!!!
Hugs, to you from Di and Miss Gracie

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Oh, Kady......
I was so hoping he would never leave, but you were so adamant that he be adopted. I was always reluctant to let puppies go when we were raising them. In fact, we kept 3 over time and gave several to relatives! You will miss him. We will all miss the stories of his antics and the pictures of his beautifully mischievous eyes.....
But, it's true. He is starting a new chapter in his life and he will adjust rapidly. He will be happy and you will be happy for him.

Michelle said...

I too was sad to hear he got adopted, but MAYBE his new owner will log on here, see all the great posts and create her own blog and keep up informed of how he is doing???!!!! I sure hope so!!!!

Tucker is a very lucky little kitty to have a new home.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy that Tucker found his forever home...but am teary eyed at the same time. We will all miss him too. How very lucky he was to have you in his life!! And because of that...he will have a very happy rest of his life in his new home.
Sending hugs to you.

Laura said...

I miss Tucker too, and I'm a little sad for his asdoption.. but I'm sure he will be loved in the new family. He's a cutie..

Sandi said...

oh, kadie! i was hoping he'd end up staying with you, but i'm glad that Tucker has found his forever home!

Cat Haven Crafts said...

Dear Kady, What a great and sad day! You are such an angel for taking care of Tucker and for finding him a loving home! I will miss seeing his little face but know he will grow to be a loved and beautiful boy with his new momma! I hope many blessing come your way and I'm sure Tucker is a very, very grateful little guy! With tears of sympathy and joy! Laurie

Anonymous said...

What a bitter-sweet post Kady, I know this is what you have wanted for Tucker, it is sad, and I too will miss seeing this dear little angel and his daily activities. I do hope his new family will love and care for this special little life that has entered theirs as much as you loved and cared for him when his need was greatest. I hope they know how much he is loved and that he has broken hearts around the world. If you ever hear from Tucker's new family please update us, I sure I'm not the only one who would love to know how he is getting along. I hope he has a long, loved and safe life...Merilyn...Australia