Monday, January 31, 2011


I've been seeing Valentines everywhere. Actually, I started seeing them in stores during my pre-Christmas shopping ventures. I guess there's nothing like rushing the season. I do love all the hearts and red decorations though. This morning I was thinking of all the Valentine Days past and remembering how we celebrated when I was a child.
Our elementary school teachers always asked us to bring in shoeboxes to decorate with whatever paper she provided. We'd cut hearts from red construction paper and glue them to white doilies we'd then glue onto our shoeboxes. We cut openings in the tops of the boxes and when Valentine's Day finally came, we'd take turns filling the boxes of fellow students with sweet little sentiments. Each teacher always stressed we should provide a Valentine for every person in our class. Lucky was the girl who found a little box of chocolates from a secret admirer sitting next to her Valentine box. I'm sorry to say I was never that lucky, but I still loved Valentine's Day.
My mom didn't "go all out" for Valentine's Day but there were times she'd make a very simple heart cake and decorate it with candy Red Hots. That was wonderful to us as kids. I don't think Mom ever owned a heart-shaped cake pan but she knew how to make a heart shape from one square and one round cake layer and one box of cake mix. My favorite was chocolate cake with pink frosting. When I think back on those heartfelt celebrations I wish things today were as simple as they seemed back then. Maybe I'll make a Valentine box this week.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Hi Kady, I will have to make this heart shaped cake for my sweetie on valentines day.;) I remember making those boxes in school and getting those little candy hearts with the words in a lot of them..I still give out silly valentines to my friends..I have boxes of dad would always leave us a big card and a $5.00 bill in an envelope on the front porch..his was our first one of the night...before we went and delivered our around the neighborhood..we would ring the door bell and then hide...I miss those days.;)

Angie Berry said...

What sweet memories Kady!

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Anonymous said...

Love the kitty stories and the sock monkey is just too cute... SANDI.

Merilyn said...

I'll have to remember how to make that heart shaped cake, yours looked just divine!!!

Carmen The Olde FarmHouse Road said...

Oh that is soo darling!! Love it!