Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Here's my January ornament basket. EMPTY!
January was a full-of-good-intentions month. I didn't make any resolutions for the new year but vowed to continue crafting ornaments every month as I did last year. I was very enthused about making them, so when the craft shows didn't materialize, I chose to fill my Christmas tree with my own handmade offerings.
Unfortunately, this year's enthusiasm hasn't materialized either. I didn't put away my holiday decorations until mid-January, but was that an excuse for not starting to make ornaments? Probably not, but it's the only excuse I can think of right now that doesn't contain the word "lazy".
Last week my good friend, Deanna, challenged me to cut out 6 ornaments. Surely I could manage to do that - and I did. Actually, I cut out 12 and thought I was on my way. Those 12 ornaments sat on my sewing table for a whole week, until I finally began to sew them today. I now have my ornaments sewn, but not stuffed or accessorized. I simply ran out of steam.
Here's what I decided:
1) The goal of making 12 ornaments each month is self-imposed. No one is giving me a deadline and there are no penalties for noncompliance.
2) If I choose to not make ANY ornaments at all this year, that's fine.
3) Should I choose to make ornaments, there is no rule stating I have to make some every month.
All these things should have been obvious to me from the beginning, but they weren't. I was being hard on myself and feeling as if I'd failed. In reality, I haven't failed at anything (yet). I've simply chosen to adjust my goal - that's all.


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Life's about changes. Nothing ever stays the same. We just have to roll with it. I was impressed by your work last year. Why do you feel like you need to do it again? Do you really need to challenge yourself?
Inspiration will come along that just grabs you and makes you need to do something about it. Enjoy your quiet time. It won't last forever!
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Henrietta said...

By George she's got it! Remove the stress and pressure from your life where possible. Take time to smell the roses.

If reading blogs online or curling up with a kitty in your lap is what will make you happy today, just do it. Life is too short to spend it making yourself unhappy.

The Rusty Nickel said...

I have the same problem. I always think I'm doing good, because I pick a holiday a long ways off. I put it off so long, the holiday is almost arrived. So I think it's too late to enjoy this. So I start a new project. It's a never ending, never getting done project. I have so many piles of undone things, and I do have good intentions! I tell myself I have to finish these things, I have to have hand-sewn items for my shop, and it just doesn't happen :( Stick to your plan, and don't feel guilty!

kasthurirajam said...