Tuesday, February 22, 2011



There's rarely a time I care for cats - whether other people's or my own - that I don't have adventures. Tonight was no exception.
This week I'm caring for a neighbor's cats while she and her spouse are on vacation. I love their kitties and the log home where they reside. Caring for the cats isn't a chore at all. I look forward to my twice-a-day visits to Amy, Abigail, and Bonnie (the newest addition to the household). I keep a journal of my daily visits and had quite a lot to write about tonight.
When I went into the kitchen to fill the girls' food and water bowls this evening, I noticed the blinds on the doors leading to the deck were askew, to put it mildly. Sometime after I'd left the girls this morning, one or more of them apparently had an altercation with the blinds - and the blinds lost. I found pieces of Venetian blinds all over the floor. I asked which one did the deed but no one confessed. Two of the kitty girls were pacing in front of the doors so I could guess who the culprits were. Bonnie was curled up in her favorite chair and since she showed no interest in trying to get outside, I'm reasonably sure she was innocent.
So....as I picked shattered blind pieces off the floor, my foot touched something I assumed was a cat. In order to keep from stepping on (what I thought was) the cat, I moved away from the object and attempted to stand upright so I could see what my foot had actually touched. There happened to be a television mounted in the corner where I tried to stand, and I hit the underside of it with my head. Down came a large antenna right on top of me. I was afraid the television set would be next. As I turned to make sure the television was stable, my foot hit the object again, sending it flying across the kitchen floor. Thank goodness it wasn't a cat. It was, however, a clear plastic deflector from the top of the air vent. I thought I'd broken it since it landed in two pieces. Great....two broken blinds, an antenna pulled loose from the television set, and a broken deflector - all on my watch.
I examined the antenna and prounouced it intact. Whew. I picked up both pieces of the deflector and realized they fit together and came apart easily, as they'd been intended to do. The deflector was adjustable! Whew again. I put the antenna atop the television set and placed the deflector back on the air vent. Unfortunately, I couldn't do anything for the broken blinds except to raise the shattered remnants until they were out of reach of little paws, which I thought I'd done last night. I wrote about the adventure in the journal and went into the livingroom to hold, pet, and sing to the kitties before I left for my home. I'm hoping the people for whom I'm cat sitting have good senses of humor when they read tonight's journal entry. Whew.
The most recent update on my cousin's daughter, Brooke, is that she's home now and on the road to recovery. She has substantial pain but it's being managed better this time. Thank you for all your prayers and messages of concern. They are very much appreciated. Brooke still has a long road ahead of her, but she also has a wonderful support system and many faithful prayer warriors. Thank you.


Merilyn said...

Don't you just love it when these disasters happen in other people's houses when you are trying to do a good turn??? You feel a complete and incompetent failure LOL, never to be asked again to house sit, baby sit, or cat sit!!! I'm so glad you didn't hurt yourself and that the television remains intact, double whew!! Blinds are easy to replace, and as for the cats, well I bet they never saw anything!!!

Firecracker Kid said...

Hi Katy! Oh boy, kitty sitting... oh yeh, be prepared for shenanigans and more... lol.
I haven't been here in awhile, shame on me. I'll be reading and catching up:)

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I am so glad YOU didn't end up with a TV on your head!
Sounds like they might have had a party while no one was on watch! Cats can be tricky.....
Our dog, Clifford, chewed the bottoms off the vertical blinds when he was the only dog and alone for the day! That was the original reason we started kenneling. Now there are so many of them, we do it for their safety.
Things like this-the unexpected always happen.
When Mom's away, the cats will play!