Thursday, March 3, 2011


I remembered my dental appointment today but it would have been a good one to have forgotten. The procedure was supposed to take about an hour and ended up taking nearly three. That's probably the longest I've ever gone without talking except for when I'm sleeping - and I've been told I even talk in my sleep.
I arrived at the dental office on time for my 8:30 appointment and was immediately taken into the procedure room and given numbing medication. I have a history of needing more than some people, so the dentist gave me an extra dose to begin with, and I'm still a bit numb here at 4:00pm.
There was some work needing to be done that hadn't showed up on the x-rays two weeks ago so I opted to go ahead and have that done too since I was already there and numbed, but what an ordeal. I'm thankful for a dentist who is compassionate and tells me everything that is going to happen so I can be prepared. After the dental work was finished, I stopped at the allergist's office and received three allergy injections. That was a cake walk compared to what I'd just experienced.
Now I'm back home and "looking forward" to another dental appointment in two weeks. That one should be easier, but I've been fooled from time to time. I'll just take things as they come and try to not worry about it. Worrying doesn't change unpleasant things or make them go away. I'm just taking one day at a time.


The Rusty Nickel said...

Kady, good luck. I get myself all worked up at these kinds of things. Last week while I was waiting to be taken into the surgery room I got myself so worked up, I had to get some nausea medicine. Unfortunately, it took them quite a while to find the ansthesialogist. I had to have stuff to calm be down before my c-section too. I wish I could have your attitude about these things :)

TheRustyThimble said...

Hello Kady, wow I hate to go to the dentist it always seems they stop on me and inject more LOL... sounds like you had a full day of it. Love the kitty pictures

nancy huggins said...

Going to the dentist is never a pleasant experience and I always hated it. Maybe Friday and the week end will be better :)

Merilyn said...

The dentist has never worried me, I've even had root canal therapy, no needles!! actually I hate the needles more than the actual dentistry (I think I have a high pain tolerance, but my dentist thinks I'm a bit weird!!!) LOL!!!