Wednesday, March 2, 2011



Rusty is making good progress. He actually sat on my lap yesterday and seemed to have begun to trust, which is what I want for him. I waited until yesterday to hold him and he responded well. I started by simply offering my hand to him. I was very still but talked to him in soft tones. He rubbed against my hand, then my leg, then put both paws up on my leg as if he wanted to be loved and held. I moved slowly and let him be the one to take the lead. Finally, I did pick him up and he didn't offer any resistance. He sat in my lap for quite awhile. I petted him and told him what a handsome boy he was and how much I loved him. When he wanted down, I let him go but continued to sit still and talk to him.
Today I re-introduced Rusty to his brother, Elliot. They're both big cats now - fluffy, furry, and gorgeous. Elliot was a bit stand-offish but I gave them each some catnip toys I'd made this morning, so they had those for diversion. The only hissing came from Rusty, but neither cat was confrontational. Elliot promptly climbed into the carrier Rusty uses for security and Rusty peered at him through the slits in the closed end of it. The hissing stopped and both cats just sat and looked at each other.
I don't expect Rusty to remember his brothers or me, but I'm hoping there will eventually be some brotherly feeling that kicks in which will allow them to get along with each other. After I felt sure things were going smoothly, I left Rusty and Elliot in a room together and haven't heard one peep from them. I'm checking on them frequently but so far, things seem to be going well.
P.S. I just checked on the boys again and Rusty was hissing a little, but he came over to me and rubbed on my leg so I picked him up and he was fine with that. Bailey slipped into the boys' room when I went in so I stayed a little while to see what would happen. Rusty did a little more hissing but no blows were landed as far as I can tell. I left all three brothers in the room together. I hope this "takes". If I hear any commotion during the night I'll separate them. Wish us luck.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

don't you wish they could remember or remember a scent or an event that would take them back in time..glad to hear that he is making progress..;)

Merilyn said...

So nice to hear all brothers are back together. I hope they all get on well again. You are doing such a great job with them!!!